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   Chapter 614 A Heart-To-Heart Between Two Sisters

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 8913

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Summer was actually a part-time employee in the company and Jonny had allowed her several days off before leaving for his business trip. She had to handle somethings in the university and since she was free now, she decided to go back to her school today.

"Summer, are you available these two days? Come to my house when you're free. I miss you and I want to see you."

It was a call from Joyce.

"Hi, Joyce. I'm on the way to the university right now. I'll go and see you this afternoon. Is Aunt Rachel at home? I haven't met her recently,"

replied Summer, who was on the bus, on her way to her university then.

"My mom has gone to XH Village to take care of my grandma, and my dad went to her today. Jonny has gone abroad. I'm the only one left in the house. I feel so bored," Joyce whined to her friend.

"I know. I'll drop by this afternoon. See you then," Summer said with a smile and then hung up the phone.

Resting her feet on the sofa, Joyce held her phone and hovered over the screen to check the contact list. Her eyes were glued on one phone number. She had wanted to press the dial button but refrained from doing so.

Finally, she tossed her phone on the table and sat up from the sofa, trying to get over her uneasy feelings.

Summer came to Tulip Palace that afternoon. As she stepped in, she saw Joyce drinking alone in the drawing room.

"Summer! Now you are finally here!"

Joyce greeted her warmly, shaking the wine glass. Then she took another sip, staring vacantly at the TV.

"Joyce, what's the matter with you? You look so upset and down-hearted. Is Simon not back yet?"

Summer asked anxiously as she changed her shoes and walked over to take the seat beside Joyce. They had been good friends since childhood. Therefore, Summer could somewhat guess what was bothering her friend.

"Don't mention him in front of me! The mere mention of his name makes me angry," Joyce said angrily.

Summer was right. Simon was the only one who could make Joyce so emotional. He had been gone for quite a long time

and Joyce had not received any calls from him. More precisely, he had called twice but when Joyce rejected both calls, he had not called a third time. No wonder Joyce was angry. Simon really couldn't read a girl's mind. He was supposed to call again or shifted to another medium of contact, like Wechat. He should have tried his best to get in touch with Joyce no matter the circumstance. But the fact was that he had disappeared after the two failed attempts.

"Tell me, what did he do to make you so angry? Si... Um, he has always been very nice to you. We all know he has had a crush on you. How can he do

been introduced to such characters through TV dramas but had never seen one in reality.

"You mean there are two of you. One is Summer and the other one is Winter, right?"

Joyce asked after thinking for a while.

Summer nodded. Being able to speak her secret made her feel lighter. She had been upset and depressed since she found out about her mental disease. "I have always tried to escape from my past, but reality told me I couldn't.

For years I have tried to erase my past. I thought if I pretend that it has nothing to do with me, then I would be okay, but..."

Summer closed her eyes in pain, forcing a bitter smile on her lips. "When I was a kid, I acted as if nothing had happened whenever people talked and pointed at me behind my back. But it had affected me deeply, I just couldn't fall asleep and would lie awake most nights.

I had a thorn in my head and it wouldn't go away. I tried my best to control it but I failed. That led to the creation of my alter ego..."

Joyce listened quietly. Seeing that Summer was getting emotional, she hugged her, patting her gently on the back.

"Summer, why didn't you tell me about this earlier? Have you forgotten that I am your sister? You lived such a hard life all on your own. As your good friend, I remained ignorantly in the dark. I'm so sorry. Don't worry too much. I believe that with advanced medical technology, you're gonna get better!"

Joyce patted Summer on the shoulder, and then said again, "From now on, you're not allowed to hide anything from me, both good and bad. You have to always remember that we're good friends and as close as sisters. When you're in trouble, I will do my best to help you.

I will contact the best psychiatrist. I promise you'll make a full recovery. Trust me!"

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