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   Chapter 613 Pretending She Was Winter

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Jonny let out a hopeless chuckle as he turned around, reached for her hands and felt the warmth of her palms. "Do you know that I've told myself not to trust you? Including every word you say? But, that's okay, I'll stay here beside you until you fall asleep," he whispered softly.

Winter jumped on her feet upon hearing his words. She took off her coat hastily and began taking off her pants right in front of Jonny. Jonny, on the other hand, turned his head away as if he didn't like what he was seeing.

"Winter, have you seen the wardrobe cabinet to the right of the bed? Go and take one of my shirts and put it on," he asked with his eyebrows crossed.

He kept his eyes closed and took a deep breath to pacify himself down. The room was so quiet and he could hear the rustles and thuds made by Winter as she struggled to put on his shirt. It was as loud as the beating of his own heart.

"Okay, you can turn around now," said Winter after pulling the oversized shirt down.

Jonny then opened his eyes and turned around to face Winter. He averted his eyes from her hurriedly the second time.

He heaved a slight sigh and cracked a forlorn smile.

"My god, Winter, please button up the shirt!" He exclaimed in an exasperated voice.

Winter grimaced and fastened the two buttons she left open on purpose. She was wondering how boring he was. She then flapped flat on the bed, leaned against the pillow and dragged the quilt over her.

"Okay, as you wish, weirdo!" she complained sleepily.

Jonny cast a quick glance at her and walked to the bed to lie beside her. He didn't lift the quilt up but rather lying on it, wrapping his arm over her shoulders.

"All right my darling. Have a sweet dream!" he said casually.

Resting her head on his chest, her mind was drifting from one thought to another. First, she found it impossible to fall asleep when Jonny was around. Secondly, she had decided to stay up the whole night. She wouldn't dare close her eyes. It would be too risky, and what if it was Summer who woke up the next morning?

It was on rare occasions that she woke up during the daytime and she wouldn't take this risk.

Jonny had sighed about a hundred times in his mind, because he did so every time he took Winter's hands off from his chest. It would be okay for him if she would only rest her hand there quietly. But in her case, her hands kept slipping into his clothes and touched his skin, which made him totally excited and he had to hold his breath.

She was playing with fire, but Jonny hadn't made up his mind to taste the forbidden fruit by now.

'It was not the right time yet. It might not be good timing if it happened too early, ' he wondered in his mind.

However, Winter seemed to be loving the way she was playing this game with him. She kept on teasing him. Accidentally, she ran her fingers down towards his crotch after she was unable to grab hold of his chest.

Jonny didn't expect that she would do that and gasped with surprise at the sudden touch.

At that time, Winter, who seldom blushed, felt her face burning with embarrassment.

She withdrew her hand quic

nerisms, and practices which she dared not to do were what Winter was most good at. One was a total opposite of the other.

Thinking about it, she searched her mind about the things she didn't have guts to do.

Right, she had to do this. She had no choice but to trust her instincts, or else Jonny might doubt her.

Summer wrapped her arms around Jonny's waist and said, "I understand. Please take care of yourself, and I'll be waiting for you!"

Pressing her lips to his, she gave him a torrid kissed with heightened passion.

Jonny's smile was undulating. He slipped one hand around her waist and the other playing naughtily with her hair. He responded to her kiss like there would be no tomorrow.

Summer's body went blank for a moment because of the extreme pleasure she was experiencing. Jonny's lips were so soft and tasted like a vintage wine aged to perfection.

Summer's lips lingered over his for a long time, unwilling to let him go. She was savoring the moment.

"You're so greedy, my baby! You always want more of me, don't you? I'll make it up to you when I come back, but for now, I really need to go," Jonny teased her with a smile. He pecked her cheeks again to comfort her.

Summer felt her face burned as she let go of him, and with a gloomy expression on her face, she said, "You promised to make it up when you get back huh? I'll look forward to that day."

She tried to imitate Winter's tone and let Jonny lead her out. They walked outside holding each other's hand.

Summer wanted to see him off at the airport but was afraid that she would be exposed if they spent more time together. She didn't bother to think about it and let the driver send her home.

Her eyes lingered as she followed the sight of his car disappearing through the horizon.

Inside her room, she found it impossible to calm down. She walked back and forth restlessly. There were thousands of thoughts running on her mind. She was distracted by the sound of her phone ringing, and it was her classmate.

She suddenly remembered that she was late for her morning class.

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