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   Chapter 612 I Would Prefer It If You Have Sex With Me

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"Jonny, you've finally arrived. I thought that I wasn't going to see you before you leave!"

Winter said, holding Jonny tightly. When she arrived, she saw that there were no lights on in the villa, which made her feel really scared as she thought that Jonny had already left. She also didn't want to wait an entire week before seeing him again.

Jonny held Winter's waist and gently patted her on the back as a means to comfort her. "Well, I'm here now. I'm only going abroad tomorrow. I'm right here, holding you. I was just at my parent's house, but once I heard you were coming to my place, I headed here immediately. I thought I'd make it in time. I'm really sorry for being late.

I'm sorry for making you wait for me!" he apologized sincerely with a smile.

Winter let go of his waist, looked at Jonny who just apologized and licked the corner of her mouth intently. She was head over heels for him. She then blinked her eyes and smiled.

"That's not sincere enough, Jonny. I would prefer it if you have sex with me," she said.

Hearing her seductive words, Jonny was attracted immediately. He then smiled at her and walked ahead to open the door.

Winter held him from behind and continued holding him in an intimate way, as they entered the villa.

As soon as they walked inside, Winter took initiative. She stood on her toes and kissed him on his inviting lips. Boldly, she started making out with him, exploring his mouth abruptly.

Jonny frowned. She was too commanding for his liking, and didn't portray an image of a delicate sensual woman at all.

He closed his big starry eyes, placed his hand around the back of her head gently, bent over and kissed her back passionately. The room was suddenly filled with excitement and Jonny decided to take the initiative. He felt like some authority should be designated to the man and not the woman.

"... Please, tell me where you've been these past two days. Why wasn't I able to get in touch with you? It seemed rather strange, Winter."

After an intense kiss shared between the two, he asked in a husky voice, pressing his forehead against her forehead.

Winter looked at Jonny with passion in her eyes. A kiss wasn't enough for her, for she had strong feelings towards him. She pouted and kissed him on his lips once again. Then a sexy smile lifted the corners of her mouth. "What is it, Jonny? Did you miss me that much? Can't you leave me be for just a few seconds?" she said. Winter looked like a fully blossoming flower, which was very appealing to him.

Suddenly, Jonny took a deep breath and pressed her head against his chest with resignation.

"Alas, my dear. What on earth could you possibly be hiding from me? I'm not stupid, you know?"

Winter put her head against Jonny's chest and moved her hands around his waist in a provocative manner. "Well, since you must know...The manager of Jade Palace doesn't permit me to quit my job whatsoever, and he and his subordinates make a point of it to harass me regularly. So, that's why I went off the radar for two days to avoid them," she said.

Jonny was shocked when he heard what Winter had said. He then lowered his eyes, looking at her who was in his arms. "Why didn't you tell me this sooner?" he asked.

Resting in his arms and enjoying the pleasant scent of his body, Winter felt safe. To her, he smelled l

e door and said, "Oh, my handsome gentleman, come on now...Sleep with me!"

Jonny smiled with knitted eyebrows at Winter. He walked over to the bed and sat beside her. "If you like this room, then you can sleep here. I'll sleep in the next room," he replied.

"I have an idea. How about you don't sleep in another room?" "..."

Hearing that he wanted to sleep in the next room, Winter stared at him. "Why don't you want to sleep with me, Jonny? Are you suppressing your needs? We're in a relationship now. You're my boyfriend. Isn't it normal for us to sleep together?"

"Winter, I'm taking responsibility for you. You have never even thought about marrying me, so how can I ignore that fact and just sleep with you?" Jonny said, pinching her cheeks gently. "As soon as you're willing to marry me, we will revisit this idea," he continued.

Winter held his hand and sat up straight. "Jonny, why do we have to take our relationship so seriously now? Why don't we just enjoy this moment together?

Besides, I'm not afraid of the aftermath. Love is love. I love you, so I want to sleep with you. Why should we overthink it?"

Winter could not understand why Jonny insisted on sleeping in another room. She knew that she loved him and that he loved her. Even though there was a possibility for them to not only sleep in the same bed, but also to have sex, it was still an appealing idea to her.

'We're both adults. As long as we take the necessary measures to prevent pregnancy, it's okay for us to perhaps even live together. Am I right in thinking this way?' she thought.

Jonny knew that Winter still didn't understand the way he thought. He forced a smile, raised her chin and kissed her on the lips. "Winter, you'll understand one day. I have to go to sleep now. Tomorrow I have to catch a flight. Good night. Please, get some sleep and don't stay up too late."

He stood up. When he was about to go to the next room, Winter suddenly held his legs down, in her attempt from stopping him from leaving the room.

"I promise that I won't do anything, except for hugging you. Can't you stay with me tonight? Please?"

Winter said in a serious tone as she blinked at Jonny with her big suddenly innocent-looking eyes.

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