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   Chapter 611 I Am Coming To You

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Summer quickly swallowed her words, which were still left pondering on her tongue. She didn't expect Jonny to show a fondness for Winter.

"But, Jonny...You know that she doesn't deserve you, right? I know that Uncle Hiram doesn't like me...not to mention a woman that looks like me..."

Upon hearing her words, Jonny threw the documents that he was reading on the desk in anger and stared at Summer.

"Summer, I've already told you that my life is my business and no one else's! Don't talk about Winter behind my back."


"Well, if you still want to talk to me about Winter, I'd prefer you leave now,"

said Jonny in a cold tone, leaving her no chance to speak whatsoever.

Noticing that Jonny was simmering in rage which seemed to be increasing, Summer lowered her head and bit down on her lips. Then she turned around to leave Jonny's office.

After closing the door softly, Summer leaned against the door. She felt weak, thinking, 'I really thought that he would listen to me, but it seemed as though I was wrong.

Since Jonny wasn't going to listen to me, perhaps I should begin with Winter instead. I shouldn't give up.'

In the CEO's office

After Summer had left the office, Jonny signed the documents in front of him and took out his phone to call Winter once again. "Sorry, the number you have dialed is not available at this moment, please try again later..."

Jonny hung up the phone and stared at the number he had just dialed. Stroking his jaw, Jonny felt as though something was wrong.

He felt very confused when he met Winter for the first time. However, his suspicion fade as they became so similar and well-acquainted after getting along for such a long time. It wasn't surprising to find that they looked like each other since it could be just a coincidence.

Regardless of their similarity in appearance, they were still quite different in character.

Jonny wondered why he couldn't contact Winter during the day.

'If she only works at night, then why didn't she answer the phone when I called her last night?'

Jonny's heart was full of doubts. Although he could send someone to investigate on Winter's background, he still wanted to figure out what she was doing by himself and get to know her better.

"Mr. Rong, I've already booked the ticket for you to go to America. We will go tomorrow. May I pick you up at 9 AM?"

Bruce came in and said to Jonny in a low, yet steady voice.

"Certainly," answer

nce when do we have to report such things to each other?"

"Well, well... I know that you look careless about pretty much everything, but I know you'll take a relationship seriously. It's nearly 12 o'clock now. Who would you possibly leave the house for, except for your significant other?"

Joyce was confident about her speculation and knew she had guessed correctly. That was why she continued with a smile, "Tell me. Who dared to change my brother, the one who never wanted to leave the house at night?

Let me guess...Summer?"

Glancing at his watch, Jonny interrupted her and pulled her away from the front door. "Don't worry about me, Joyce. I have to leave now. I will bring you gifts from America. I promise! Or, you can tell me if there is anything you'd like me to buy for you when I'm there."


Joyce pouted upon her brother's retreating figure and went back to her room rapidly.

She heaved a heavy sigh, as she entered the room. 'Wow... Even Jonny has a lover now.

Damn you, Simon! He didn't even message me about when he would be coming back home, ' thought Joyce. She felt wronged, as soon as she thought about the night Simon had left so suddenly after what had happened between them. He really did hurt Joyce's heart.

'Simon, you bastard! You son of a bitch! I don't ever want to see you again!'


Jonny drove back to his villa to meet up with Winter. When he arrived, he saw a red motorbike stopping at the gate, where Winter was waiting for him.

"Oh, good! You are here!"

As soon as Jonny got out of the car, Winter ran over to him, hung on his neck excitedly. She was overjoyed to see him.

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