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   Chapter 610 That Is My Private Business

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'No, of course not. Winter is also me, an extension of myself. If I don't know what I have done, how could I cure my disease? When would I recover?' Summer thought to herself.

Out of curiosity, Summer picked up the cell phone again.

She browsed the contact list. Her heart suddenly leapt when a familiar phone number caught her eye. Worrying that she might have made a mistake, she matched the phone number on her own cell phone.

When Summer found that it was indeed Jonny's number, her mind spiralled in confusion.

'Why did Winter have Jonny's phone number?' she was dumbfounded.

When she clicked open the photo album, the first appear was a picture of Winter and Jonny, together.

She was so shocked that the cellphone almost dropped from her hand.

Winter took this selfie while leaning against Jonny. In the photo, Jonny was looking at her with a gentle smile.

In addition to his tenderness, she detected passion in his eyes which she had seldom seen before.

From the photo, she could tell that they had been in Jonny's car.


What did Winter do?

Has she become Jonny's girlfriend?' Summer thought to herself, scandalised.

She still couldn't believe what she had seen. After a while, she looked at her watch and found it was still not too late to see Doctor Hu.

She couldn't let things go on like this.

How disappointed and heartbroken Jonny would be if he knew that his beloved girlfriend didn't exist at all.

'No, I must do something!

It wasn't too late to stop Winter and Jonny. If she didn't stop them now, Jonny would get hurt in the future.

At the hospital

Summer grabbed Doctor Hu's hand tightly and pleaded, "Doctor Hu, please tell me what I should do. Save me, please!"

"Summer, calm down. Tell me what happened,"

Doctor Hu said, patted her on the hand and asked her to sit down.

Summer was so anxious that she was about to cry. "Doctor Hu, I've no idea what to do. Not only does

n Jonny's heart so easily.

After the meeting, Jonny kept checking his cell phone from time to time as if he was waiting for someone to call.

Remembering the two missed calls on Winter's cellphone, Summer was distressed.

She couldn't sit still any longer. She picked up the files which the department manager gave her and walked into the president's office.

"Jonny, here are some files that need your approval,"

Summer said, glancing at Jonny's cell phone on the desk.

"Okay. I'll take them. Please make me a cup of tea," Jonny said with a smile and took the files from her hands.

Summer prepared a cup of tea and placed it on his desk. She was so nervous that she couldn't help constantly clenching and loosening her fists.


Jonny raised his head and shifted his eyes from the files to her. "Yes?"

"I heard that your girlfriend's name is Winter, right?" Summer asked, through grated teeth.

Jonny paused and then asked, "Yes. What's wrong?"

"Nothing. Someone saw her working in a nightclub. She doesn't deserve you. You shouldn't waste your time on such a girl,"

Summer said, taking a deep breath and looking at him.

Jonny was a little surprised. He held the teacup in his hands and said coldly, "Summer, thank you! But that is my private business."

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