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   Chapter 609 Am I Invading Her Privacy

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Winter took out her phone. The call was from the manager of Jade Palace. She glanced at Jonny, who walked forward to wave his driver over to where he was. Then she hesitatingly slid the 'Answer' button to answer the phone call.

"Winter? Why haven't you come yet? The guests are waiting for you!" The manager of Jade Palace said anxiously. The guests were either rich or powerful, so he didn't dare cause any offence to incur their displeasure.

"Manager, I want to resign,"

said Winter without a second thought. The reason why she chose to work in Jade Palace was that she wanted to kill the lonely night which felt so long to her before. But now, she was in a relationship with Jonny so she wanted to spend the night time with him.

"What did you say? Winter, you can't quit the job. We have signed a contract for half a year. You have worked here for only three months..."

"I said I wanted to resign. I mean it and I won't work there any more. I am willing to give up this month's salary as compensation for breaking the contract,"

she finished her words and quickly hung up the phone. As soon as she turned around to look for Jonny, she saw him. He was standing right behind her.

"You heard everything I said?" asked Winter.

Jonny smiled and reached out his hand to her. "Let's go. Get in the car and let's go have dinner," he said.

After getting in the car, Winter sat beside him and said, "Don't worry. I will find a decent job and try my best to stay away from that kind of place."

Because of his illustrious reputation, if he had a girlfriend who danced in a nightclub, he would be mocked by other people.

"It's fine that you want to change your job. I get worried about you when you work in that kind of place," Jonny nodded and continued, "But I will not meddle in your affairs. You can do whatever you want to do, as long as you like it."

The car drove away. Suddenly, Winter remembered something and shouted, "Oh god. I left my motorcycle there!"

"Don't worry. I can arrange for someone to bring your motorcycle to your home. You just need to tell me your address," Jonny said with a smile.

"Eh. Forget it. Just leave it there. I'll go there tomorrow and ride it home," Winter said as she looked away and adjusted her hair.

Hearing this, Jonny didn't say anything. He looked straight ahead.


After the night had passed, Summer felt tired again.

She yawned and leaned over on the desk. 'No. I can't let this happen any more. If the situation continues, I'll be sick. I have to go to see Doctor Hu this afternoon, ' she thought.

"Summer, print two copies of this file and send them to the CEO for his signature,"

Jonny's assistant Bruce said as he put a file on Summer's desk. Summer nodded. After Bruce walked away, she looked at the file and yawned again. Then she stood up and went to the copy room.

"Hey, people are saying that our CEO has a girlfriend! Have you heard that?"

"What?! It's impossible. Are you kidding me? We all know he has a strong mind to resist temptation. Wh

turn against him! What a bitch!"

One man pointed at Summer and hurled curses at her.

"I think you'd better make good use of the three days to think it over! Don't fail to appreciate his kindness! Let's go!"

As he spoke, the man waved to his accomplices, then they left.

Employers treat their employees well when they have to use them, but when their employees harm their interest they will easily put on another cruel face to force or oppress them.

Summer watched them leave, she rubbed her head trying to ease her headache. Suddenly she realised that her neighbours were peeking out from their houses, pointing at her and whispering. She fretted, walked to the door with her head low, opened it and escaped indoors.

After entering the room, she looked around. The place hadn't changed a lot even though she knew that Winter also lived there.

She opened the drawer again and took out Winter's phone.

She turned on the phone and on the screen it showed that there were several missed calls. 'These calls must be from the manager of Jade Palace. The calls were not answered so they directly came here to find her, ' she thought.

She could only see a few missed phone calls on the screen. If she wanted to check for more information on Winter's phone, she had to unlock her phone with the right password.

Summer paced back and forth in the room. 'What should I do? Let Winter handle this?

But...but...Winter is me. I don't have the money to pay for the compensation. What will Winter do? What should I do?' she thought.

As she paced, she noticed that the calendar seemed to be turned.

She walked back to the desk

and checked the calendar closely. When she saw one particular day was circled, her eyes lit up!

Summer quickly ran back, picked up the phone and entered four numbers.

Luckily, the password was right.

Summer stamped her foot excitedly. She sat on the sofa and was about to check the information on the phone but she hesitated. 'Am I invading her privacy?' she thought, nervously.

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