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   Chapter 608 I Missed You

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Before Jonny could respond to her on the phone, Winter had hung up. She changed her clothes, putting on a sexy dress and some light make–up to match with her scarlet red lipstick. She was humming a song while getting herself ready.

Downstairs, she hastily kicked started the engine and expertly rode on her motorcycle.

A couple of minutes later she arrived at their rendezvous.

"Hey there, Jonny!"

Winter called out his name as she saw Jonny waiting for her outside. When she took off her helmet, her beautiful long hair cascaded down her shoulders. It made her look even more exquisite in her black leather jacket on top of her sexy dress. She got off the motorcycle, ran to Jonny and held him tightly.

Jonny had been used to her ardent greetings. He patted her on the shoulder and greeted, "Hi! I'm glad you came."

"We haven't seen each other all day. Do you miss me?"

Winter asked, wrapping her arms around his waist. She didn't notice that from a distance, someone was looking at her remarkably with resentful eyes.

Jonny smiled when he saw her beautiful face glowing with mirth.

"What if I tell you that I don't miss you?" he joked.

"No way! You're not allowed to say that!"

Winter protested. She stood on tiptoe and whispered in his ear, "If you don't say that you miss me, I'll go to your house with you tonight and do what I was about to do last night. You know what I mean."

Jonny laughed bitterly. He grabbed her by the wrist and they walked forward.

"Fine, you win! I admit I do miss you," he said.

"You're not serious at all! You don't mean it," she teased Jonny.


Sharon watched them coming over happily in a distance. She was stunned when she had a clear view of Winter's face.


She grunted as she approached them. "I remembered you told me that you've never seduced Brother Jonny in any way, but look at you! What are you doing now? Shame on you!" she shouted.

"Hey! Who are you? Do I know you?" Winter asked, giving Sharon a scrutinizing gaze from head to foot. Judging from her dress, Winter could tell that she came from a rich family. "Since you called him brother, then you must be his sister? Right?"

Winter cleared her throat and continued, "Let me introduce myself formally. My name is Winter. Surprise, I'm your future sister-in-law!"

With that, she narrowed her eyes and grabbed Sharon's hand to shake it as an act of respecting her.

However, Sharon immediately shook her hand away, while looking at her with eyes full of disgust. "Summer! Don't lie to my face!" She snarled


Jonny looked at her with a naughty smile and said, "I promise I'll try my best to be your qualified boyfriend and I'll take good care of your heart." The way he said the words was so gentle and slow, with a voice full of sincerity. "But…." he paused and exclaimed, "I'm not experienced when it comes to relationship and I have no idea how to be a good boyfriend.

Anyways, I'll just try my best."

Winter was so overwhelmed. She giggled and couldn't stop herself from jumping and shouting. She hugged him tight and bound her arms around his neck.

"Yeeee Haaaa! I have a boyfriend now! I have a boyfriend, I have a boyfriend. Haha! I'm not alone now! I have a boyfriend...," she chanted like a silly child.

Jonny wrapped his arms around her waist and pulled her closer. Watching her as excited as a pussycat, he felt delighted in a way. "Why do you say you are alone? Are you living alone? Where are your parents?" he asked, cutting her out of her celebration.

Winter was speechless. She sulked and said, "They passed away many years ago. I have been living alone since then."

In fact, she couldn't remember anyone or anything special except loneliness and blankness, her usual comrades.

Jonny didn't inquire more and shifted the topic immediately. "Have you eaten dinner tonight? Do you want to grab something to eat?"

"Great! I'd like to have some dessert! Because I'm feeling sweet and cheesy right now, and I want more sweet things!" Winter leaned against his shoulder and smiled sweetly.

"All right! No problem. Let me treat you sweets then," Jonny answered. He turned and waved to the driver to bring his car.

They were about to go when suddenly, Winter's cellphone rang.

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