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   Chapter 607 She Was A Night Owl

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Summer and Bruce both bowed to Hiram and greeted him with great respect as he walked up to the office.

Bruce then stepped forward and opened the door for them.

Hiram threw a glance at Summer before he went inside, and his eyes dimmed slightly.

Jonny was walking right behind him. When they got to the front of Summer's desk, he hesitated for a second then continued walking.

After Jonny came in, he hastily closed the door behind him. Hiram was sitting in the chair behind the desk. He realized that he had been working in this place for the past thirty years. He then took a moment to look around the office before talking to Jonny.

"You need to go to America next week. There are two urgent meetings waiting for you," Hiram said.

"Okay, I'll put it into my schedule," Jonny agreed. He proceeded to pour a cup of tea for his father and placed it on the desk in front of him. "Please have some tea, Dad. So where is mom now?" he curiously asked.

Hiram took the tea by his hands, blew it and took a sip of it before replying, "Grandma Fannie's not very well recently, and she refuses to move here to live with us. Thus, your mom went back to XH Village to look after her for a while."

"Oh, right! It's been a while since the last time I saw Grandma Fannie. I'll give her a visit after I return from abroad. I'll ask Joyce to come with me."

Jonny nodded to his father. Fannie was getting old and not doing quite well most of the time. Still, she refused their suggestion to move in with them again and again.

She said that she would rather stay at her own home than live in a palace. She was quite stubborn that even Rachel couldn't do anything about her.

"By the way, what is Summer doing here? Is she working as your secretary now?" Hiram asked abruptly. He raised his head to look at his son.

Jonny had prepared to answer this question when Hiram saw Summer at her desk. He was well aware that his father didn't like Summer even when she was a little girl.

Even though he never said anything about it because his mother treated Summer like her own daughter, everyone could see it, even Summer herself.

"Right. She is working in the company as an intern for one month. I assigned her here to work for me," Jonny said honestly.

Hiram grasped the cup in his hand a little tighter and fixed his eyes at his son, "As the president, of course, you can decide who can work with you, and I won't say a word. But for that girl, I'll reserve my opinion. If you just want to look after her, it's okay.

You know what I'm talking about now. That's how far it can only go."

Jonny hesitated for a second and nodded, "I know, Dad. I'll keep that in my mind."

His father asserted that he should only look after Summer as a younger sister, but wouldn't allow him to marry her.

That was why he kept a distance from Summer when they grew up. He didn't want to place both of them in an awkward situation.

"Good to know, son," Hiram said and sipped his tea.

Hiram didn't keep a secret about it. Indeed, Summer was a good, sensible and decent girl. But thinking about her family background, he had to keep his family at a distance from her.

If she came from an ordinary family, it would have been alright. Also, it was impossible for him to tolerate her biological mother. He thought that it would bring much humiliation to the Rong Family.

Suddenly, somebody knocked on the door. "Come in!" Hiram permitted. Bruce stepped in and said, "Mr. Rong, the meeting will begin in one minute."

Hiram stood up from the president's chair and looked at Jonny proudly.

"Let's go. Son, you're the president of Streams Company from now on," he said with a sigh of relief.

Jonny nodded to hi

tried to explain but was interrupted by Summer.

"Please don't say sorry, Jonny! Look, I don't want to put you into an awkward situation. I know that Sharon has a problem with me. If I showed up at the party, it's possible that the whole night could get ruined by our conflict. I would feel terrible if that happens! So, I think it would be better this way,"

Summer explained and shrugged her shoulders.

"I'll be staying here for a whole month. I believe that there will be other opportunities to have dinner with you!"

Jonny thought for a moment before he responded, "Thank you, Summer. Thank you for thinking in my shoes! I truly appreciate this."

He wondered in his mind that things would be completely different if it were Winter who stood in front of him that time. She would, by no means, give in to Sharon so easily.

Winter would desire to stir up troubles.

Night already came, and the lamps in the place were lit up.

Winter just woke up. She was such a night owl who would always wake up the moment Summer fell asleep. She sat up on the sofa, grabbed an apple from the coffee table and took a bite while checking the messages on her phone.

The reason why Summer would always go to sleep early in the night was that Winter wouldn't keep quiet for a moment the moment she came to sense.

Even though she would go to bed early, Summer would still be unable to get enough sleep because of Winter.

"Evening! It's me, Winter. I saw you called me this afternoon. What's up?" Winter spoke over the phone drowsily.

She said on the phone, as she returned the call of Jonny. She didn't stop biting her apple while she waited for his response.

"I've got a dinner party happening tonight. I called to invite you here, though it's too late now. We're almost done here," Jonny responded over the phone.

He glanced at the leftovers on the table and the people who were chatting with one another happily. It was already very late in the evening, too late for dinner.

"No, that's not possible! The night has not begun yet!" Winter said immediately. Her eyes were sparkled with delight, "Is there any after-dinner entertainment?"

Jonny let out a laugh upon hearing her words because he could imagine the expression on her face, and said, "We're planning to go to KTV right after."

"There you go! That's great! Wait for me! I'm coming to you! Just give me the address!" she exclaimed cheerfully. She threw away the apple and rushed to get changed.

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