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   Chapter 604 She Felt Bad

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 7888

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Disorienting flashes of memories swam through Winter's head as Jonny yelled at her. It took a bit, but Summer was able to make her way to the surface for a breath and came back to her senses. She was stunned seeing Jonny looking at her with such disdain.

"Jonny, what happened to you? I'm Summer."

His cold stare frightened her. He was always good-tempered, so she wondered what possibly could have made him so angry.

Looking at her innocent, tearful eyes, Jonny knew that it was Summer. His anger subsided into a mix of pity and confusion. 'Something was wrong with Summer.'

"Get in to the car,"

said Jonny and walked towards the black sedan. Summer was still in a daze of confusion as she followed behind him. 'Has the meeting been over yet?

Well, that must have been a short meeting! I just woke up, ' she thought.

Sitting next to Jonny, Summer stole a secret glance at his face but didn't dare ask what was on his mind.

Jonny looked through the materials of the meeting and took notes here and there. He was so handsome when he focused on his work, like a modern Prince Charming. Any woman who gazed at him for long would lose herself in delightful fantasies.

But Summer was not in the mood for fantasies. She was still worried about his stark reaction. She thought, 'What pissed him off so much just now? And why had he calmed down so quickly?'

Without so much as a glance at Summer, Jonny got out of the car when they arrived at the company and headed toward the elevator.

Summer followed him, trying to speak.

"Jonny, I'm sorry… I know I must have been the one who made you angry. My memory is a jumbled mess, and I just couldn't remember what I did or said,"

said Summer as she looked up at Jonny. She let out a heavy sigh and lowered her head in shame. Although she didn't remember what had happened during her break from reality, she confirmed that she was the source of Jonny's ire.

Lifting her face in his hands, Jonny said, "You don't need to apologize. It's not your fault."

"But I apparently did something to make you mad! I was the only one with you, so it had to be something I have done or said,"

said Summer in a shameful tone.

Jonny sighed as he looked at Summer's beautiful face. 'Maybe that girl was just an illusion. Summer is still Summer, the little sister who used to follow him around.

ter stared at him in shock and bit his hand to shake him off. Seeing he was not about to let her go, she shouted, "Help! Is someone here? Help me! Help!"

The bar was noisy, but servers walked through the hallway frequently. One of them, a choir boy-looking type, heard Winter's cry and rushed over to see what was happening.

As the server approached, the man let go of Winter, covering his wounded hand and escaping down the opposite end of the hallway. 'Such a savage bitch. I should have knocked her out first, ' he thought.

But it was too late for him to think of that now.

"Winter, are you okay?" the server asked.

"Remember that guy, and don't ever let him back in!" shouted Winter in a rage. 'Beast! Do you want to tease me? Don't even think about it!' reviled Winter in her mind.

"Yes, Winter. I will tell the manager. I hope you're okay. Is there anything else I can do for you?"

Feeling how hot her cheeks had become, Winter realized that she had to leave now. She slipped into the private room to change her clothes and left Jade Palace.

There were few people around on the street. A gust of cold wind made Winter shiver, but it couldn't cool her down from the sudden rising inner desire.

She curled up on a step and felt herself beginning to hyperventilate. She needed help...or perhaps someone? Quickly, she thought of someone to call and dialed on her new phone.

"Hey, Jonny. Help me. Please help me…" she said, her voice fading.

Her body felt horrible yet wonderful at the same time.

And she was afraid she was going to die.

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