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   Chapter 603 Tell Me Who Are You

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"Ah... It hurts. It hurts. Let me go. Please let me go," whimpered Summer.

Sharon held Summer's hair in such a tight grip that she couldn't help crying out in pain.

Hearing that, Jonny held back Sharon's hand to prompt her to release Summer and said angrily, "Sharon, can you stop making trouble out of nothing? Let Summer go, now!"

Sharon heard Jonny was more concerned about Summer that he was willing to go against her to protect Summer. She was consumed with jealousy then she shoved Summer aside sharply.

Just at that moment, the car made a sharp turn at the cut ahead. The driver who had been distracted by their fighting had noticed the turn too late. He braked so hard that Summer crashed against the door.

"Sharon! What are you doing!" Jonny shouted.

Jonny looked at Sharon angrily, then he turned to Summer.

"Summer, how do you feel? Do you feel okay?" Jonny asked with concern.

Sharon had pushed Summer just as the car turned the corner which doubled the impact. She shook her head after the bang, feeling her vision was now kaleidoscopic. Everything was a blur for her.

"Stop the car," commanded Jonny.

The driver immediately stopped the car by the roadside.

Jonny rushed to the passenger seat, opened the door and held Summer in silence. He asked, "Summer? Say something. How are you? Should we take you to the hospital?"

Summer felt heavy in the head. She was very drowsy at the same time. Suddenly, she fell lifelessly into his arms and passed out.

"Summer? Wake up Summer," urged Jonny trying to wake her.

Seeing her unconscious body Jonny was gripped with fear. Sharon was also shocked. She was angry at Summer and wanted to teach her a lesson but had not intended to injure her so badly.

"Go to the hospital, now!" As Jonny said, he carried Summer out and went to the back seat.

Sharon realized that she might have done considerable damage. She got out of the car voluntarily.

Just before she could get into the passenger seat, the car drove away. She stamped her foot on the ground as she saw the car pull away from her quickly leaving her behind.

In the car, Summer was heavily disoriented but she could hear a voice calling her name. She frowned at the familiarity of the voice and gradually opened her eyes. When she saw it was Jonny, her lips curved into a smile.

And then she touched his handsome face with her slender finger and said, "It's you? How can you be here?"

"Summer? Are you okay?" Jonny asked.

It was a great relie

t another day."

"No, it is so difficult to find you. Please don't refuse me?" Chase beseeched. Chase refused to let go of her instead put his one hand on her waist.

"Put your hand away," Winter ordered. Winter frowned, she was not pleased with his over-familiarity.

Seeing that she was angry, Chase released her and said, "Alright. Can you please not be angry? Just accompany me to have a meal, okay?"

"Sorry, I really don't have the time today. Let's fix it for another day. And don't ever let me repeat that again," Winter warned. He cowered under her gaze and did not dare say another word.

At the same time, Jonny walked out of the conference room. Seeing her with Chase, his eyes narrowed a little but still, he went to her and said, "Summer, let's go," he nodded indifferently at Chase and addressed Summer in a low voice.

Then he heard Chase saying, "Winter, are you rejecting me because of him? Because he is the son of Hiram Rong. Because he will be the heir of the Rong family. So you think he is better than me? Is that right?"

Winter closed her eyes helplessly and felt that matters could not possibly get any worse. But still, she managed to say, "Er...Mr Yuan, I'm sorry that you have made a mistake. My name is Summer, not Winter. I'm afraid you have mistaken me for someone else."

"How can that be possible. I..." Chase replied.

"Sorry, Chase. My secretary and I have work to attend to. We have to leave right now." Jonny interrupted and held Winter's hand and walked out of the building.

After they got out of the building, Jonny released her hand. His bright face held a cool expression.

"Tell me, who are you?" he asked.

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