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   Chapter 602 Why Can't I

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When she thought that Jonny might have met Winter, the other her, she suddenly felt uneasy. She said to herself, 'What can I do? The other me was so weird, would he detest me more?'

She freaked out.

'And why did she even meet him?

Why?' She didn't expect to meet him at all.

Suddenly, her phone rang.

"Summer, can you come to work this afternoon? Mr. Rong is going out for a meeting and you need to go with him," Bruce, Jonny's assistant, said on the phone.

"Okay, sure. I'll be there on time!" Summer was happy at hearing what she just heard over the phone and took a deep breath. She didn't have time to bemoan her fate anymore. It was good timing for her to have such a good opportunity to be with Jonny.

She knew she would have to cherish it. She had to show him the best in her.

However, reality does not always accord with hopes. She set out very early in the afternoon but traffic was bad at that time and she got stuck. She did her best to be agile, yet she still didn't make it there early. When she arrived at the company anxiously, she saw Jonny's car had been driven out and was about to leave.

"Jonny, wait!"

When she got into the car, she tried to catch her breath and then looked at Jonny, trying to explain, "Jonny, I'm so sorry. I got stuck in traffic. Sorry! I did the best I can to be on time."

"Here, take some water. It's okay. Don't worry about it. You didn't miss it. Now, try to calm yourself down and relax." Jonny looked at Summer who was gasping for air and handed her a bottle of water.

"Thank you..." Summer took the bottle and drank. She wiped her mouth and looked at Jonny who was sitting next to her. She thought that he was always calm. It seemed that he seldom got irritated.

"Jonny, did you really see me in Jade Palace last time?"

Jonny, who was reading a document on his iPad, moved his attention to Summer and replied, "Yes. But, I think I made a mistake. She was so different from you, I mean, in personality."

"Really? Could you tell me how she looks like? How about her behavior and her style in dressing up?" Summer was curious about the other her. 'How did she look like? Was she weird?'

Jonny replied with a grin, "She looks exactly like you. However, she is a rebel, charming and impressive woman."


Summer was startled when she heard Jonny speaking highly of her.

ments on the way but he was now disturbed. He thought that he wouldn't be able to enjoy the quietness.

"Aren't you going to visit your friend? Besides I'm going to have a meeting...a business meeting. I'm not going elsewhere to have some fun."

Sharon glanced sideways at Summer, who was sitting on the passenger seat, and patted on Jonny's shoulder. "Then, why can Summer go with you? Why can't I?"

"Summer is now my secretary. It is her job,"

Jonny explained. He realized that since he took Summer to her birthday party, Sharon had regarded Summer as her enemy.



Sharon froze when she heard what Jonny said. She looked at him, envy filled her eyes and said, "Jonny, I think that's unfair! Why didn't you let me be your secretary when I was still an intern in Streams Company?"

Jonny sighed and laughed. "Sharon, don't be ridiculous. You're still young. You should focus on your studies."

"I'm old enough! She's just only a little older me!" Sharon pouted her lips. She was jealous to death whenever she thought that Summer would be with Jonny all the time.

Summer remained silent while her fists clenched because of anger.

Jonny thought Sharon was being too ridiculous already, so he didn't talk to her anymore. Instead, he lowered his head to read the document and tried to ignore her speaking nonsense.

Sharon noticed Jonny didn't say any word, so she turned her gaze at Summer. Abruptly, she extended her hand to grab Summer's hair.

"You! Come here! Tell me! How did you seduce Jonny and make yourself his secretary?"

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