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   Chapter 601 Dual Personality

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"You are blessed with beautiful hands! Do you know how to play the piano?"

Winter asked, looking at his hands. The lines on his palms were even and his strongly defined knuckles resembled an artist's hands.

"Yes, I can play some piano pieces,"

Jonny answered and returned her lipstick back to her. He and Joyce enjoyed performing on stage when they were young kids, they had taken piano lessons as an amusement during their spare times.

Staring at the telephone number written in lipstick on her hand, Winter smiled and said, "Be careful! I'm scheming some plan to seduce you!"

With the intention of becoming his girlfriend, she asked him for his phone number. She wanted to give him a clear message of her desires.

Seeing the boldness in the girl's aura, Jonny smiled and asked, "Are you free the night after tomorrow? Can I invite you for dinner?"

"Well...I need to check my schedule. But it doesn't matter. I'll make room for you. Expect my call tomorrow." With that, Winter bid her goodbye saying, "I'll be going inside to work now."

She was about to leave when Jonny stopped her by grabbing her wrist.

"Beware of those men coming in here! They might cause you trouble,"

he said, looking her intensely in the eyes. Then he let go of her before turning around and stepping towards the elevator.

"Why don't you take me away? Let's leave the nightclub. I can tell from your looks that you don't like here!"

Winter shouted when Jonny was going to step into the elevator.

Jonny walked into the elevator and answered, "You're working here, so I assume you like it here. You have your reasons for staying here. I respect that and I don't want to interfere with your personal judgments."

With that, he pressed the button and the elevator doors closed slowly.

Seeing Jonny off, Winter took out her cell phone to check the time. "Oh, no!" she cried out in alarm. She hastily dialed one of her friend's cell phone number.

"Jarvis, I want you to prepare a new cell phone and a new card with a new contact number for me. I'll just pick them up when they're ready."

After leaving Jade Palace, Winter buckled on her helmet and kicked her motorcycle to a start. She drove as swift as the wind.

She parked the motorcycle hidden at a secluded place before ascending the stairs to her room, and kept the key in between two books.

With a quick splash of water, she washed her makeup clean in the washroom, took off and hid her clothes under the bed. She p

ave a dual personality disorder, why didn't I detect any changes when I woke up every morning?" She asked further.

"Well, it could be because one of your identities knows that you are afraid she'll show up, she hides and tries to exist peacefully in harmony with the other identity,"

Doctor Hu clarified, "There were many possibilities for such kind of things from the medical perspective. One case varies from the other.

Summer, I suggest that you come here for a regular checkup every week." With that, Doctor Hu took out his prescription pad to prescribe some medicines for her.

Summer lowered her head, horror filled her eyes. "Doctor Hu, do you think I would do something terrible in the future? What shall I do if I..." She can't afford to finish what she was about to say.

"Calm down. The other identity is as rational as your original self. She can think independently too, no need to worry about it," Doctor Hu said, trying to comfort her.

Summer slumped herself in the seat, closing her eyes slowly. "Is it possible to make the other identity disappear?" She probed.

"Uh...I'm not sure. But your two identities can exist peacefully. Maybe the other identity will disappear by herself after some time,"

Doctor Hu responded, with a slight shrug. He couldn't give her a certain answer.

Summer left the hospital distracted. When she got home, she stared blankly into the mirror for quite a long time.

Then suddenly out of nowhere the memory of Jonny asking her if she had been to Jade Palace flashed her mind.

'Then Jonny must have already met the other identity of mine!' she thought to herself and became more anxious.

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