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   Chapter 600 Be Your Girlfriend

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As she approached the Jade Palace, Summer looked around to make sure she had come to the right place. Still not quite sure, she entered cautiously in case she needed to make a quick exit.

She felt out of sorts these days. Jade Palace had been calling her to come, and so far she had been able to ignore the calls. But when her brother Jonny also mentioned the Jade Palace, she couldn't help but come to figure out why she needed to go there.

What was the connection between her and Jade Palace?

Why did they keep calling her to visit?

And how did they even get her number?

There were so many questions she needed answered, so she decided to get it over with and go inside to find out.

Over the past 20 years, she knew her own history. She had learned growing up to always be cautious in word and deeds. But she was so afraid Miranda would judge her as having gone astray that she never dared step foot into such a place as Jade Palace.

"Good evening. May I help you...

"Winter? You have finally come, huh? There was someone looking specifically for you just a few minutes ago," said a bunny girl as she passed by.

Before Summer could say a thing, she was whisked off, hand in hand, by the passing bunny girl into the manager's office. "Oh, the manager will love to see you! There have already been several groups of guests ordering you especially tonight!"

"No, no. Let me go. I'm not here for that. You mistake why I'm here. I just come here to look around and ask you to stop calling me anymore," Summer said.

Summer yanked her hand from the bunny girl and tried her best to explain why she had come. Besides, she was not about to sit to entertain the guests while they got drunk. She wouldn't become the kind of woman sitting on a platform waiting to be chosen and put out for sale.

"Stop, Winter. Are you out of your mind?" said the bunny girl. The bunny girl looked at her in disbelief. But then she realized that Winter's wardrobe was not the same style she used to wear.

"Manager? Manager, you're here right on time. Winter is here. But she seems out of it, rambling on about things I don't understand. You might want to check her out and have a chat with her," said the bunny girl.

The bunny girl walked towards the manager as she saw him walk out of his office.

The name 'Winter' had confused her so much, she didn't quite know what to think. So she thought it best to let the manager handle the situation.

"Hi, you're the manager, right? What great timing. I'd like to ask you some questions," said Summer.

She followed the manager into his office and stood defiantly, her arms crossed. "May I ask how you got my phone number? Not to mention, you've called so often, it has caused me some serious anxiety."

pushed her hugging arms away from him.

"You're not the first girl I've known, and it's only the second time we have met. Don't you think it's a bit too soon for boyfriend-girlfriend propositions?" Jonny asked.

"Oh? Well, what do you think?" Winter asked. Winter watched him take a step back to keep a distance, as a gentleman normally would do. There was a brightness in her eyes, though.

She knew very well that all the other men wanted to take advantage of her. But he was the only one who was respectful and always kept a proper distance with her.

Her heart was lightened knowing he was not out purely for lust but was a man of integrity.

These types of good guys were virtually extinct in this day and age.

At least they were among most men she had met. Some of them pretended to be gentlemen in public, but when they were behind closed doors, they showed no mercy—only primal desire.

"What's your phone number?" Jonny asked. Jonny smiled at her and took out his phone to add her to his contacts.

But Winter suddenly dodged her eyes from him, looking around the room, wracking her brain for a believable reply. Her eyes revealed her nervousness at his request. She finally stammered, "I just lost my phone today. It should be replaced tomorrow. Give me your number. I will call you."

She took out a lipstick from her purse and stretched out the back of her bare hand to him and said, "Write yours here."

Jonny smiled through his disappointment. He took her lipstick and wrote his phone number on the back of her pale hand.

The hot pink lipstick stained their skin as their hands inadvertently touched here and there. He wasn't sure his writing was legible. Even if it was, it would be gone by morning.

Jonny looked downward, not wanting to show his disappointment. His poker face wasn't working tonight.

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