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   Chapter 599 If You Make Me Your Girlfriend

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"Hey handsome," Winter said, her eyes twinkling with a mischievous glint. "Is it a habit of yours to pick up hot chicks?" she asked.

She followed him into the elevator, heading for the same direction. There were only the two of them inside. Once the doors closed, Winter laced her arms around Jonny's neck and stood on tiptoes, whispering seductively in his ear, "Wanna have some fun?"

Then she leaned back and looked at him. "Why don't we start with you telling me your name?" She gave him a bewitching smile.

Jonny stood rooted to his feet, unable to speak from the shock. Standing in front of him, with her arms wrapped around his neck, was a woman who looked exactly the same as Summer. 'Who was this woman?' he thought.

'Was it possible for someone else to look exactly the same way as Summer? Or was this woman really Summer? Why was she acting so differently?' Questions raced inside his head as he stared in confusion at the woman.

"Don't you want to tell me your name?" The stready stream of his thoughts were broken upon hearing the woman's words. Mistaking his confusion for disinterest, Winter released Jonny and drew back. "Fine. If you're not interested," she said coldly, "you'd better stop looking at me like that. It's not like I would force you to do anything you don't want to. You're cute, but you're not that cute!" She crossed her arms in front of her chest and looked away from him.

By this time, Jonny was convinced that this woman was definitely not Summer. It was just not possible. Summer was like peach blossoms, soft and subtle, but this woman in front of him was the exact opposite. She was seductive and eye-catching, like a blooming red lycoris.

"My name is Jonny," he said to her, answering her earlier question.

Winter turned to him after hearing him speak, and started closing the distance between the two of them again.

Leaning towards him, she asked, "What was that? I couldn't hear you clearly." Her voice was like silk as she spoke to him.

Jonny met her gaze with his own and repeated, more slowly than the first time, "My name is Jonny Rong."

A smile broke out in Winter's lips, her face holding a look of triumph. "Well then, Jonny..." she said, letting his name linger a little more. "It's a great pleasure to meet you. It's just fair that I introduce myself since you have told me your name. I'm Winter." she said, stretching out her hand to him. Jonny took her hand and felt her finger pads brush lightly against his skin. Clearly, this woman knew what she was doing.

"You know..." she continued, not letting go of his hand, "I used to never go out with men before, but you caught my attention. What do you say that we go out together?"

Winter had always had a free and easygoing nature. She was very particular about her tastes. If she didn't like a man, she just played around but kept distance with them.

But if she found anything or anyone to her liking, she could felt it at the first sight.

So far, Jonny was the first man to catch her eye.

"What do you think?" she urged him, then added after a thought, "Oh, do you have girlfriend? Or maybe you're married? If you're married, then I guess we'll have to call it off and never see each other again. However, if it's just a girlfriend..." She smirked meaningfully before continuing, "I'll just have to steal you."

She pulled his tie down and brought his face closer, her breath fanning his face from their nearness.

Jonny looked at her. He was about to refuse, but there was something in the defiance in her eyes that pulled him in, as if she was proposing a challenge.

"How much?" he smirk

se tugged at the back of her mind. All sorts of strange things were happening lately.

She had been receiving calls from Jade Palace. And now, even Jonny was asking her if she had gone there last night.

"Come closer, Summer," Jonny said suddenly.

Summer raised her eyebrows in question, but still walked closer to Jonny. "What for?" she asked.

When she was close enough, Jonny turned her around and pulled her hair away from the back of her neck.

There it was, the small dark mole he was very familiar with, a drawn black spot that contrasted to the white skin on her neck.

He released her just as suddenly as he had held her. "Nevermind. I will send you the files for the work plan. Have a good look at those in preparation for tomorrow," Jonny said nonchalantly, as if he hadn't just been holding her so close. Jonny watched as her cheeks flamed red. She stepped backwards to place some distance between them, unable to meet his eyes.

'Two can play at that game, ' he thought. If she was the same woman last night, he would like to see how long could she could keep up with the farce.

She had always been a good little girl. How did she become that seductress of a woman from last night? He still couldn't figure out the answer.

"Y-yes, Sir." Summer replied and bowed before exiting the office.

She could feel the flame in her cheeks as she remembered the way his hands brushed over her hair. Summer had no idea why he acted like that, but she did not have enough courage to ask. Running a hand over her face, she took a deep breath. She believed in Jonny. There must have been a reason behind his actions. He wouldn't have acted otherwise if there was none.

She had no clue what that reason was, though.

Time flew quickly, and night fell once more.

Jonny was sitting alone at the Jade Palace, his eyes searching his surroundings. He hardly came here, unless for business, but he had a different purpose now.

He did not expect that Winter was not at the Jade Palace every night. 'She's very moody, ' he recalled what her manager had said, 'One time she was here every single day of the year, then the next time, she was here once a month.'

It was well into the night when Jonny decided to stand up and leave. He got in his car and was about to go home when he saw a familiar figure show up. The figure was heading to Jade Palace.

A smile formed on his lips. What perfect timing!

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