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   Chapter 598 Summer And Winter

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"Are you serious? But I'm only an intern and I don't know whether I can take the responsibility as your secretary," Summer asked uncertainly.

She was interning at the Streams Company, and she didn't want to disappoint Jonny. He was now the temporary President of the Company and though he had just begun working, she knew that Uncle Hiram had handed down the majority of responsibilities to him.

"You'll never know what you can do if you don't try. Besides, you're only an intern and will only remain here temporarily. Thus, it is best that you get as much experience as possible," Jonny said patiently.

Since Summer was only a younger sister to him, it was impossible for him to turn a blind eye towards her troubles.

Kelvin would only stop harassing Summer if Jonny was around. He ought to be smart enough not to try to ask for trouble.

"Thank you, Jonny, for getting me out of there! I..." said Summer and trailed off in gratitude.

"Don't be so overwhelmed. I just don't want to see Kelvin mistreating you. Since you've moved out, please take more care of yourself," urged Jonny and turned around to exit the tea room.

Summer nodded heavily and promised,"I will. Thank you for your kind words. I won't let you down and will try my best to do my job!"

Watching Jonny leave the room, Summer was filled with confusion. She didn't know whether to feel happy or annoyed. Even though Kelvin bullied her, at least the silver lining was that she could now work beside Jonny.

She poured another cup of coffee happily but her phone rang out before she even took a sip.

"Please stop calling me. I have repeatedly told you that I have never worked at your place, nor will I even set foot in such a place. Please don't bother calling again and leave me alone!"

She disconnected the call in annoyance. That woman had called her a dozen times by now.

She asked Summer to continue her work at the Jade Palace and would like to give her a higher pay if she was willing to come back.

It was the most ridiculous thing she had ever heard in her life.

She went back to her apartment directly after work every day and didn't go out until the next morning. It was truly impossible for her to work at such a place at night.

H City was a totally transformed city at night.

It was full of unimaginable sights and sounds that were shrouded in the daytime.

The Jade Palace was the hottest night club in H City, even though it had only been founded two years ago.

After a long day at work, people looked forward to relieving their stress by having a drink at a nightclub.

Under the glossy lights of the Jade Palace, exotic dancers in bold silhouettes and waitresses wearing bright bunny ears milled around in the crowded room.

"Oh, my dear Winter! I suspected that you had been abducted by aliens! Where on earth were you these past few days? I was almost convinced that you had quit and would never come back."

"Right! I felt the same! What was going on, Winter? I knew the manager bombarded you with countless calls. She also told me that a strange lady answe

the door behind her, she accidentally stumbled into a man. He seemed young and handsome, yet had a very refined elegance about him. It was the first time that she had encountered such a man in the night club.

He looked almost divine and Winter averted her eyes from the glow around him.

She winked at him seductively as she straightened herself to go past him.

She headed to the elevator without stopping in spite of being attracted by him.

But the next second, she felt him grab her arm.

"Why are you here in a nightclub, Summer?" he asked with a shocked expression.

It was Jonny. He thought that he must have been mistaken and the girl in front of him was surely not Summer. The girl's smile was bewitching, in sharp contrast to the lovable and pure smile of Summer. He was shocked at first but he recognized her immediately because he had known her for so long.

"Hey, handsome! Don't you think that the way you greeted me was sort of old-fashion?" Winter mocked and cracked a wicked smile at him. She raised her hand slowly and put it on his shoulder and asked,"I'm Winter, what's your name?

"Despite that, you didn't know how to greet a lady like me, I'm attracted by you and want to know more about you."

Jonny hesitated for a second or two looking at her from head to toe, furrowed his eyebrows. "Summer, why are you wearing such a dress? Are you working here?" he asked incredulously.

"Right! Since you like to call me Summer, I'll be Summer from this second. I am okay with anything you call me. But answer my question. What's your name again?" she whispered in his ear.

One of her hand was still on his shoulders, she looked at him coquettishly. She then reached out her other hand and touched his face. 'Oh, his skin is really enviable!' she wondered.

"Summer! Stop it! This is not the place for you! Come with me!" Jonny shouted and pulled her hand away from his face.

He felt his insides explode at seeing the flirtatious girl in front of him. He cast a furious glance at her before dragging her to the elevator.

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