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   Chapter 597 I Need A Secretary

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Jonny dilly-dallied for a while when he heard Sharon's words. "Sharon, you are just 19, too young to discern what marriage is all about," he exclaimed without facing her.

"I beg to disagree! I know everything I need to know about marriage! Marriage means we will live together under one roof, give birth to, and raise children together. That's it, and that is what I want!"

countered Sharon. "I am old enough to understand everything about marriage and a married life," she added.

Jonny was taking his time in driving Sharon home. "It needs commitment, patience, and a lot of tolerance to set up a family. Having a family is a matter of a lifetime. It's no joke. What do you know about true love and tolerance? Huh? Come on, tell me," Jonny mocked Sharon.

Jonny grew up in a happy and love-filled family. Every time his parents were around, he could sense their affection towards each other. The love they shared emanated throughout the house and were emulated by Joyce and him. His parents were the perfect example of a selfless loving couple.

Hiram's love was powerful and perfect. He would do everything he could to protect Rachel and this family.

He could still remember how his father made vigorous efforts to deviate the situation the other way around when the worst financial crisis hit Streams Company a decade ago. His father not only saved the company but also made it stronger and more resilient than before.

When his father was too engaged at work, it was his mother who kept the family solid.

During those times, Jonny realized what really the true meaning of marriage was. He realized that being married was not all about happiness. It was a mixture of blisses, sufferings, and sacrifices. He reckoned it would not be easy to find someone willing to share those with him.

"Jonny…are you all right?" Sharon asked as she noticed that he was deep in his thoughts.

"Oh, we're here. Sharon, you should go now. I have some businesses to deal with," he replied coldly.

Sharon was about to say something but swallowed back her words when she noticed Jonny's deliberate alienation. She pondered for a while, then she said in a spoiled tone, "Come on, Jonny. I'm not asking you to marry me as for now. We can have an engagement first.

You know that my father treats you as his son-in-law. He even planned for an arranged marriage for us when we were both kids. So, in case you haven't noticed, it is not my intention. It's my father's…" Sharon stopped abruptly because she thought what she had said might

r head gradually and clenched her fist nervously. Hesitant for a while, she answered, "He started molesting me when I was 16 or 17, and he always abused me when mom was not home. I escaped every time, by making excuses.

To avoid him, I don't go home when mom was at work. When I went to college, there were few chances for me to meet him. I thought he had given up, but I knew I was wrong when I saw him here…"

Summer reiterated with her eyes brimming with tears.

She would fight back or call the police if it were not Kelvin.

Her fear of Miranda made her endure all of Kelvin's maltreatment. She would be an outcast the moment she pressed charges against Kelvin. She was left with no choice.

"So, you have pocketed the insults and the abuses all along?" Jonny walked closer to her. Looking at the red mark on Summer's neck left by Kelvin, a feeling of pity towards her empowered him.

"Jonny, I'm fine. Thank you for helping me in teaching him his lessons. I will just try my best to avoid him. Things will be okay," said Summer with her usual cheerful smile.

To have a clearer view of the bruise, Jonny lifted Summer's chin a little higher. "I know that you are considering Auntie Miranda about this matter. But you should know he won't let you go next time. You should be more vigilant," he said with a voice full of concern.

Realizing that Jonny was worrying about her, Summer's spirits were heightened. She looked up at Jonny and said with a more confident tone, "From now on, I will carry a pepper spray with me. I won't let him hurt me again."

"You silly girl!"

Jonny heaved a sigh and put his hand down. "I need a secretary. See me at my office tomorrow."

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