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   Chapter 596 Staying Up All Night

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How could he have dared to ask her what happened between them, after he took her virginity, which had been kept for 22 years?

What he had said had still remained too clear in her mind. How could he pretend that nothing had happened between the two of them? This was rather unsettling to her.

"What's wrong? Did something happen, my dear?" Rachel asked.

As soon as Rachel heard that they were arguing with one another, she went upstairs immediately. Looking at Simon who stood in the corner of the room with a confused expression on his face. Rachel asked, "Simon, what's wrong? What happened?"

Simon shook his head quickly and responded to Rachel, "Aunt Rachel, I have no idea why Joyce is so angry with me today..."

"Oh, don't worry about it, Simon." Rachel replied. Rachel suddenly remembered something and kept asking, "By the way, Simon...Joyce didn't come home last night. I assume that she was with you?"

Hearing Rachel's words, Simon was almost shocked to death.

Simon's thoughts seemed to freeze instantly. He looked at Rachel surprisingly and immediately said, "Aunt Rachel, what did you just say? Joyce didn't come home last night?"

"That's right. Wasn't she supposed to be with you?" Rachel replied confusedly. Rachel knew that Joyce's mind was lingering on Simon. Joyce liked him more than any other man, whether she wanted to admit it or not. When he no longer lived in H City, she used to come home on time every single day, but now...

Simon just came back yesterday, and that was why Joyce stayed up all night. However, now it seemed like she wasn't with him at all, which appeared strange to Rachel.

Simon took a deep breath in and out. He tried his best to suppress the abnormality felt in his heart. "I drank too much last night, and I can't remember anything, Aunt Rachel. I can't even remember whether I was with Joyce, or not..." Simon replied.

"Oh...well, perhaps she decided to go to one of her friends then. By the way, it is nearly time for lunch now. How about you have lunch here with us before leaving?" Rachel asked.

As Rachel said to Simon, she also felt very confused about what he had said just now.

Something felt wrong. 'Wasn't Joyce supposed to be with Simon last night?

Even if he drank too much, he should at least remember being with her if they were together, right?'

Rachel kept thinking about it, 'If they weren't together last night, then where did Joyce go and why is she so upset?' Rachel had no idea what was going on between the two.

"No, thank you, Aunt Rachel. I have to leave the city this afternoon, and I'm afraid that I won't have time to sit down now. Sorry that I have to pass on having lunch with you today," Simon replied. Still confused, Simon nodded his head to Rachel politely and then proceeded to walk downstairs.

After he left, Rachel pushed the door and walked briskly into the study.

"Honey, did you hear what Simon and I were talking about? Joyce was not with Simon last night. Do you know where Joyce would have gone by herself?" Rachel asked worriedly. As soon as she came into the study, she asked Hiram.

Hiram was sitting on his favorite chair, reading the book in front of his table. He smiled as though he already knew everything and said, "I have no idea, honey. You'd better ask Joyce personally."

"Ah, can you please stop reading and tell me? You should know, right?" Rachel asked her husband anxiously. Rachel felt extremely curious and concerned. Even though Jo

ter Simon had left, Sharon asked curiously, "Oh, I seemed to hear you call him Mexico? How about Italy? Why not South America, if you like it that way?"

A smile graced Jonny's face, as he shook his head, "Sharon, his name is Simon. We used to call him Mexico when we were little because of the pronunciation of his Chinese name, which is similar." It's getting quite late now, Sharon. I think it's about time I send you home," Jonny said.

Hearing what Jonny had said, Sharon nodded her head and finally understood. Then she got into the car with two bottles of drinks, which she had just bought.

"Jonny, may I apply for my internship at your company?" She asked. Sharon asked as soon as she got into the car and set the two drinks down.

Jonny started the car and replied, "Sure, I don't see why not. There are lots to learn at Streams Company. And we have so many sub-companies. You can go to any one of the buildings."

"I don't want to go to just anyone of them though. I only want to go to the one you are currently working at. I want to be with you everyday, Jonny..." Sharon said.

Sharon hugged his arms tightly and said in a spoiled tone.

"Sharon, you have grown up a lot, but I can't comprehend the fact that you still act like you're a little kid sometimes," Jonny said mockingly. Jonny continued to scold Sharon with a cold smile, "Alright then, let my arm go. I have to drive."

Sharon released her grip from him, and suddenly looked at him with a pursed mouth.

Jonny was always like this, portraying himself as mild and harmless. He was always smiling at her. It seemed as though he could never get angry at Sharon.

Regardless, the more he smiled at her, the more she felt distant from him.

That kind of distance seemed like he was sometimes so close, but at other times, so far away.

As close as he was in front of her in that moment where she could touch him physically; yet so far that she was unable to touch inside his deep heart.

"By the way brother Jonny, how about we get engaged first? Since we are both grown up now, I can talk to my father directly. What do you think, hmm?" Sharon asked suddenly, as though she had thought about her suggestion for a while. At the same time, she secretly shifted her attention to his expression before he even had a chance to answer.

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