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   Chapter 594 Ale Would Make A Cat Speak

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Joyce took the medicine kit that had been prepared by Glen. It was a rigid box filled with neatly placed first aid paraphernalia.

Joyce treated Simon's palm by carefully clamping the glass shards out. She then disinfected the wound with alcohol and wrapped it up using a clean gauze.

With the treatment done, she started cleaning the room. She swept out the broken fragments of glass and threw them out.

"Simon, you know what? Your actions earlier were completely unnecessary. Why don't you just speak out your mind? Tell me frankly that you like me. Then, seduce me, give me flowers, do some sweet talks...You know those sort of stuff! I don't think I will have any reason to say no," Joyce said as she looked at the helpless man. He was so drunk that his head slumped by the table.

Her plan was to use Grover as a front to get away from Glen. Grover was just her friend, not her boyfriend.

Simon, as soon as he heard the lovely voice he longed for, struggled to lift his head off the table. The moment his vision cleared and saw the woman busy cleaning the room, he couldn't believe his eyes. He thought that he was just hallucinating. He shook his head, rubbed his eyes and blinked several times.

"Is it really Joyce who I am seeing? Is she really inside the room?" he asked himself.

For the past three years, it was his desire that someday their paths would cross again.


Simon let out a shout. He pulled himself up from the table and tried to walk towards her. "Joyce...It's you. It's really you!" He added with a loud guffaw.

"Oh, easy. Be careful! You already hurt your hand. Don't make it worse!" Joyce said as she moved closer to hold his arm, "Do you want to sleep on the bed? Let me help you."

Then she put his arm on her shoulder, and they both limped their way to the bed.

With a couple of stumbling and staggering, they finally managed to reach his bed. "Rest well for now. I'll be going home,"

She said as she bent over to remove his shoes and pulled his legs onto the bed.

But Simon suddenly reached out to grab her. Driven by alcohol, he stared at her with eyes full of sensual lusts.

"Joyce, can you...can you please…stay with me, please," he staggered.

He gathered his strength to pull her closer into his arms. He kissed her forehead and whispered in a hushed voice, "Joyce, please stay with me. Just for now. I know you are in my dream. Stay! Don't leave me, okay?" he added.

Simon looked intensely at the woman he loved most, carefully touching her face. She was like a rare ruby to him. Red, fierce, bold, enticing, and priceless.

"Joyce, you are my jewel. I won't replace you for the world. You know I won't harm you. I won't do anything that will displease you. I'll be shattered if I see you miserab

gs that he had reserved for many years.

She was biting her lips with all of her strength. She was desperate to not make a sound.

She was hurt. She tried to push the man away but she couldn't. She was overpowered. He thought of her refusal as a welcome so he became more fervent.

"I'm sorry, Joyce. Did I hurt you?"

Simon kissed her lips and apologized remorsefully, "Sweetie, I'm sorry. This is my first time. I will get better next time."

When Joyce heard his apology, the pain subsided a little. Then she bashfully gave him a slight jolt on the shoulder and pulled him tightly to press his body to hers.

Early the next morning, with the sun still hiding in the horizon.

Joyce got up earlier than usual. She had to get home before her parents woke up, otherwise she would be in big trouble.

She put on her clothes and tiptoed out of the room.

She was about to leave when she saw Glen sitting in the living room.

"You're leaving?" he asked. Glen crossed his legs when he glanced at the woman who was walking out from his brother's room.

"Glen, why are you up so early?" she answered the question with another question. Joyce couldn't help but wonder, 'Was he in the living room for the entire night?'

"It's none of your business. You're not my sister-in-law yet. Mind my business when you actually marry my brother," he replied, with a bit sarcasm in his tone. Glen threw another glance and curled up his lips.

"Shut up! I'm leaving now!"

Joyce glared at him and walked to the door in a hurry.

When she arrived at Tulip Palace, it was quiet. Noticing that nobody was up yet, she let out a sigh of relief. She was timely and felt lucky that she wasn't caught.

She stood on her toes and went upstairs to the second floor. When she was just about to push the door open, the door of the next room suddenly opened.

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