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   Chapter 593 My Brother Was Injured

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Simon silently looked at Grover who sat beside Joyce.

Then he said in a smooth tone, "I offer my congratulations to you, Joyce."

His face showed not even a glimmer of pain and prompted Joyce to ask, "How about you? How are you and Haze doing?"

Simon poured himself a glass of water and, being a true gentleman, he poured her glass as well. Then he replied, "We have broken up."

He had broken up with Haze three years ago, the moment he returned from Tulip Palace on that fateful day.

There was nothing between him and Haze anymore. Since Simon was not shackled by his needs anymore, there was no need to imprison Haze and him together.

After their meal, Grover was supposed to take Joyce home but she asked him to leave first.

"Simon, there's a night market ahead. Will you walk with me?" Joyce walked over to Simon, stood in front of him and asked.

Simon looked at her and then turned to address Glen, "Glen, you can go home now. I will go back after dropping off Joyce."

Glen looked at the two of them and knew that this request must mean that they might have some matters to discuss. He waved at them before getting into his Lamborghini that he had exhibited right outside the restaurant.

They walked quietly side by side. The streets were lined with a variety of shops but Joyce had no interest in exploring them.

"Don't you have anything to say to me?" Joyce could not help but blurt out.

Simon jammed his hands into his pockets boyishly and sauntered along with her, trying to keep pace with her.

"Yes, I do," Simon answered.

Joyce stopped to look at him.

"You look prettier and even taller than before. Seeing you so happy makes me feel... that everything was worth it." Simon looked at her calmly. He curled his lips and said.

"Oh, is that all you wanted to say to me?" Joyce asked. Joyce hummed and skipped a few steps ahead. It appeared that she could not hope for anything from Simon.

"Yes. It's enough for me to know that you are safe and happy." Simon said and increased his pace to catch up with her.

Joyce nodded slowly and asked, "Didn't you ask me to wait for you for three years? Now, three years have passed, don't you have anything else to say to me?" Joyce asked.

Simon slowed his pace and turned back to look at Joyce who fallen a few steps behind.

"Nothing else. As long as you are fine, I am fine," Simon said.

Joyce listened to his calm words while a storm broke inside her. It raged internally, getting more and more difficult to subdue. She managed to say, "Well, since there is nothing left to say you can take me home right away."

Simon was taken aback by her abruptness but recovered quickly enough and replied, "Okay, I

agued with worry about gains and losses. He was convinced that he would not be able to give Joyce any happiness and, at the same time, scared of making her sad. He wanted to be honest with her but he cared about her too much.

The more he loved her, the harder it was to let go.

Simon lay inebriated on the table, the blood on his hands had dried and hardened, as he muttered Joyce's name incoherently.

Glen found the sight of Simon sprawled on the table so pathetic that he took out his phone and made a call. Thankfully, the call was answered.

"Joyce, my brother is drunk out of his mind but keeps calling out for you. Would you like to come by and take a look? And don't be alarmed at his injuries...He has injured himself pretty seriously," said Glen lightly.

He also harboured feelings for Joyce but it was clear that she and his brother were in love. They both looked so helpless that he couldn't help but root for them.

The call disconnected and Glen put the phone on the table. He looked over at Simon and stopped to think. Then he gently removed the tissues from Simon's hand to allow it to bleed more.

Such little blood loss would not affect Simon's life but if the blood could win her back, it was worth a shot!

The bloodied picture would certainly persuade Joyce to stay to accompany him longer.

After Glen had made all the arrangements for his theatrics, he suddenly shook his head and laughed out loud. Just a few hours ago, he had proposed to Joyce and now he was acting as her matchmaker.

Close to an hour later, the doorbell rang indicating the arrival of Joyce. Glen came out of his room to let her in.

He walked her to Simon's room and opened the door for her. As soon as Joyce caught sight of Simon's bleeding hand, she got nervous and rushed to his side.

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