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   Chapter 591 The Stupidest One

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The Rong family house was bustling with happy people.

The whole Rong family and Miranda's family were bunched together in the house, talking and laughing. The children were the most excited at being back together.

Gavin and Joanna looked over the brood of happy smiling faces. They basked in the simple joys of having their family around.

After lunch, Summer offered to clean the table. Although she had been brought up in a wealthy house, she never behaved like a spoilt child.

Jonny kept trying to find opportunities to apologize to Summer but it appeared that she avoided him every chance she got.

After the table was cleared, Summer poured herself a glass of water and went out to relax. She sat on the doorstep soaking in the breeze grazing against her cheeks and her nose.


greeted Jonny as he walked out from behind her.

She immediately stood up upon seeing him and responded with calling only his name, "Jonny."

"Are you still mad at me?" Jonny asked. Jonny sensed a cold wall between him and Summer, he felt a slight dissolution of their familiarity.

Summer shook her head at Jonny's question. "No, I'm not mad at you, Jonny. Anyway, I remember Joanna saying that since the family had come together she wanted to make dumplings. I'm going to go and help her."

She turned to walk indoors.

Jonny's hands closed around her arms. "I don't think so. You still seem angry with me. I wish I could take it back. Sorry for only being able to offer an apology for hurting you the other day. If you are still mad at me then I deserve it."

"Don't! It's not that serious. I'm not mad at you." Summer revelled at the sensation of his hands holding her arm, her lips curved upwards and she said, "Jonny, you were right. I should not have bothered you at all. I know I can get annoying at times so don't blame yourself."

Jonny looked at her, while she kept her eyes averted, and let out a sigh.

"Summer, I know I must have hurt you deeply."

Sometimes words spoken carelessly could stab a person deep in their souls.

Earlier, she would find various excuses to stick around him. But now, she was trying to escape.

"No, you didn't hurt me at all!" Summer was bewildered and didn't know how to explain that she was not mad. "Jonny, you're a good man. You always treat me as your own si

Chester glared back at Joyce and said, "Joyce, I know your plan. You ask mom to play intentionally because you know that she is the stupidest one in our family."

Rachel heard what Chester said just as she walked over to them with a plate of fruits.

"What did you just say? I'm the stupidest one in our family? Chester, repeat what you just said!" Rachel put the fruit plate down and smartly flicked Chester's forehead with her fingers.

Chester blinked his eyes feeling misrepresented, then said, "Mom, it's all because Joyce asked you to play Mahjong. I didn't mean what I said."

Joyce then added fuel to the flames, aiming to exploit the situation further, added impishly, "Chester, you didn't mean that. You just told the truth. Mom, you heard what Chester said. He said you're the stupidest one in our family. Oh no, you did mean that! Mom, he meant what he said! He said you're the stupidest one in our family."

"All of you, be quiet. I will kick out anyone who speaks about my wife that way," bellowed Hiram.

Hiram threw glances at Joyce and Chester with raised eyebrows.

Rachel then prodded Chester aside, "Chester, get up. Let me play. I don't believe I will lose this time."

Chester forced a wry smile and got up.

The moment Rachel sat down, both Jonny and Hiram started feeling restless.

It was not because they were worried about how to win, on the contrary, they mulled over how to lose.

If they played as they normally did, Rachel would stand definitely no chance of winning.

Yes, it was indeed a headache.

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