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   Chapter 590 The Daughter of The Bitch

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Rachel's eyes shone brightly at the thought of her youngest son coming home and said, "That is so great! It's almost been one year since Chester left home. I miss him so much."

"Err, sweety, that's why I did not encourage you to have so many kids. As soon as the baby came, you were always busy in caring for them and the remaining time you would spend worrying about them," Hiram smiled as he kissed her lips and said.

Rachel glared at him and said, "What are you talking about? Are you not afraid that Chester might hear you? If he did, he would no longer regard you as his father.

Look at our darling Chester. He is such an excellent boy, I do not regret having him for even one second. He is only fourteen-year-old but has already applied for multiple patents and is a Guinness World Record holder! He is such a gifted boy, if it were up to me, I would be happy to have more sons like him!"

said Rachel, her words dripping with a mother's pride. Chester was not only intelligent but also inventive. He had a hyper-curious mind and enjoyed playing complex games like the Rubik's Cube, of which he was a proficient handler.

"Well, well, well, okay! I'm wrong. I'm wrong." said Hiram, smiling through his surrender.

Rachel had been given the immense honor of mothering his children. And he should humbly appreciate her for such great contribution.

Jonny went back to his own room.

He looked at his phone lying on the table and mulled over whether to make the call. His hesitation stemmed from not knowing what to say.

Earlier Jonny had been very hurtful towards Summer, now that he had realized his folly, he didn't know how to face her.

He was not ready for a relationship this early so he had always treated Sharon and Summer as sisters. However, both of them were unsatisfied with being sisters—they wanted more.

"Hello, Summer, are you at home now?" Jonny asked nervously.

Jonny finally decided to call her.

The phone buzzed lightly in Summer's pocket, she was surprised to see Jonny's name flash on the caller screen. "Hello? Jonny?" she answered in a subdued voice. "Yes. I'm at home now. Thank you for letting the driver get me back," she answered.

"I'm so sorry for earlier today, Summer. I have said some unforgivable things," said Jonny sincerely. He had grown up with Summer and knew that she was a very kind and sensitive soul.

He was afraid that his words might have scarred her deeply.

"Brother Jonny..." Summer said plaintively.

"I have heard the family talk about my mother and all the t


Next day morning, The whole Rong family went to the airport to pick up Chester. Since he was the youngest of the five, he was the favorite and was especially doted upon by the twins.

Joyce had brought along a bouquet of flowers for the occasion.

As soon as Chester exited the airport, Joyce walked up to him and said fondly, "Hi there, you pudgy kid! It's only been a year since we met last, how come you're as tall as me?"

"Sister, you are the only kid. I'm fourteen years old already. Stop calling me a kid from now on," Chester dissented goodnaturedly.

Chester had inherited Rachel's delicate features which made him look graceful. He had also inherited Hiram's intelligence, who had also been a very precocious child himself.

When Chester saw Hiram and Rachel, he went over to them immediately, a warm smile playing on his lips. He hugged Rachel and said, "Mom, I have missed you so much."

"Chester, I have missed you more." Rachel answered. Rachel hugged her youngest son with a tinge of sadness. Jonny and Chester both attended school abroad, and Hiram would not permit her to go take care of them. He believed that his sons should learn how to exercise their independence as early as they could.

Chester was still of a tender age so when he saw Rachel he could not help tearing up. However, at the sight of his father, he held back his tears.

If his father detected any tears he would accuse him of not being manly.

Rachel kissed Chester on his forehead then held his hand as they walked out of the airport.

Finally, the whole family had been reunited for the summer.

They had two days before they had to leave to go back to the old house of Rong family.

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