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   Chapter 589 The Unsung Birthday

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Jonny didn't seem surprised at her question. He put his arms on her shoulders and walked her back in. "Stop acting like a child, Sharon. You both are my younger sisters, there is no difference between the two of you," he explained patiently.

Sharon pouted with displeasure at his words.

"Just younger sister? Don't you know that my father has long regarded you as his future son-in-law? Regardless of what you say, I am destined to be your wife when I am old enough. I have savored this dream for very long. Promise me, Jonny, that you will marry me. I am the one meant to be your wife!"

Jonny laughed at her childishness and shook his head, "Sharon, how old are you now? Don't you think it's far too early for you to talk about marriage?"

"NO! The sooner it is, the better! You only have yourself to blame. Where else can I find such an exceptional man like you? I need you to be mine before any other girl takes you away!"

Sharon grasped his arm tightly as if he would float into the sky like a balloon at any moment. She was entranced by Jonny's appealing face and his muscular body. His eyes always sparkled as if a thousand stars resided in them and every time she looked into his eyes, she felt like she was drowning.

She gazed into his eyes hoping to see a reaction but she felt none. He seemed to be keeping his distance from her as he did for all the other girls around him. His good looks spared no woman. They danced around him like flying moths hypnotised by a flame.

Jonny shook his head and replied, "You really are a child that will never grow up."

Jonny returned to the Tulip Palace after Sharon's birthday party.

It was late by the time he reached.

However, to his surprise, Summer was waiting for him at the front gate.

"Summer? What are you doing here? I thought the driver had taken you home!" said Jonny, scandalized. He had no idea why she was still there.

He was perplexed to find her waiting outside the gates rather than inside the house.

"... Jonny, do you have a minute?" she asked, holding her breath. She stood outside, hidden in the shadows to avoid being seen by Rachel or Joyce.

She was hoping to catch Jonny the moment he returned.

"Summer, please don't tell me that all you want from me is to see me after standing outside for such a long time!" Jonny said severely.

Jonny rarely lost his temper but seeing Summer behave so irrationally, he felt himself lose control.

"Jonny, do you have time now? Can we take a walk around? A few minutes would be enough," she insisted.

Jonny remained unmoved, he knitted his eyebrows and said, "Summer, Aunt Miranda must be wondering where you are. You shouldn't let her worr

ones like two little sisters in pigtails.

The first thing Hiram heard as he entered the house was the sound of laughter from the living room. He walked into the living room to find the two women grinning from ear to ear.

"Honey, I'm home, but what are you two gossiping about? I bet both of you didn't even notice me!" Hiram chided, and his eyebrows arched in complaint. He walked over to them and pulled Rachel into his arms.

Rachel let out a laugh and wrapped her arms around his neck. Joyce blinked at them, grabbed her phone from the table and went upstairs.

As most children would, she escaped from parents to afford them some privacy.

"Honey, since all three kids are back for their summer vacation, why don't we all go out for a couple of days?" Rachel suggested as she sat on his lap.

Hiram wrapped his arms around her slim waist, and her waist was as slender as the day they got married. Joyce had also inherited her appearance from Rachel. No matter what they would eat or how much they ate, they never gained any weight.

"Nope, bad idea! I believe that our kids have their own plans. If you want to go out, then I would prefer to go just with you," Hiram murmured against her breast. He swept the hair off her neck and kissed her soft skin.

Rachel nodded in approval. The kids had grown up and all they wanted was their own space and time.

They might be uncomfortable if she insisted on travelling with them.

"Speaking of vacation, Chester is not home yet. Where is he now? He told me that he would be home in two days," Rachel went back to talking about the kids again, just like all mothers do.

Hiram pinched her waist and said, "I called his driver earlier today, honey. He will fly back tomorrow morning. How about we pick him up at the airport?"

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