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   Chapter 588 Bet As You Wish

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Summer hurried over to the door as soon she saw Jonny. She opened the door and took the books from his hands, putting them back in their shelf categorically.

"I won't have free time today. Let's plan for the day after tomorrow?" asked Jonny over the phone. He leaned against the door frame as he continued, "Of course, I can spare some time the day after tomorrow, after all, it is your birthday!"

Summer couldn't help but overhear Jonny's conversation as she put the books back in the shelf. She could feel tremors run down her hand.

She pretended not to have heard Jonny's conversation as she climbed down the wooden ladder.

Jonny chatted away over the phone oblivious to Summer, "Hey little girl, you are already sixteen years old! Stop acting like a spoilt child, now you're all grown up. Okay, I know. I will see you the day after tomorrow," said Jonny before hanging up.

Jonny looked up to find Summer at the foot of the ladder, in front of the shelf, transfixed holding a book in her hand.

"Give it to me," Jonny offered

and held out his hand.

Her petite form hindered her from reaching the higher shelves, forcing her to use the ladder every time.

Summer, jolted out of her daze, quickly passed him the book.

"Was that Sharon on the line? We are in the same school. She is really good at her studies," Summer said.

Jonny put the book back and replied indifferently, "Yes."

Sharon was only one year younger than Summer. Although they were not in the same grade, they were in the same school which allowed them to meet occasionally.

"Do you have plans to go out together? Could I come with you?" Summer asked in earnest.

She looked at him with hopeful eyes.

Summer, having learnt that he had free time the day after tomorrow, didn't want to lose this precious opportunity to hang out with him. She really wanted to go out with him.

At such a tender age, she was very transparent and spoke her mind easily.

Jonny turned to look for another book he had wanted and replied, "It's Sharon's birthday the day after tomorrow. If you want to go, I have no problem. However, I must caution you that Sharon is known for her quick temper and she may pick on you."

"Why would she? She is like a younger sister. Moreover, she is my Junior Sister apprentice. I could never be angry with her." Summer said.

When Jonny agreed to her attending Sharon's party, she trilled.

"Well, then it shall appear that I will arrive bearing two gifts. You can meet me here the day after tomorrow and we can go together," said Jonny in a faint tone, then he pulled out one of the many books on the shelf.

"Really?" Summer was exalted. She grabbed his arm excitedly and almost jumped high to celebrate.

They had only one summer vacation in the year and she rarely came here. If she could actually go out with him even once it would drive her insane with happiness.

Jonny glanced down at her hands on his arms and frowned. He swiftly with

use. We attend the same school. Jonny told me he was going to your birthday party so I asked if he could take me along," said Summer.

She then offered Sharon her own gift and said, "Happy Birthday, Sharon!"

Sharon made no move to take the gift instead kept looking at Jonny. The unhappiness was evident on her pretty face, and she said, "Jonny, can you please ask her to go? I don't like her."

Summer was traumatized by her viciousness. She looked at Jonny for help.

"Summer..." Jonny croaked with embarrassment.

Jonny knew Sharon was indeed very angry. "It's Sharon's birthday today and I don't want to upset her. It was my fault for bringing you here. I apologise.

I will ask the driver to drive you back."

Summer steeled herself against the tears that came to her eyes, determined not to break down. She nodded and in a low voice said, "No, it is my fault. I should not have embarrassed you.

Sharon, happy birthday to you. Please don't be unhappy because of me. I will leave right away."

Summer turned back to the car with the gift for Sharon still in her hands, and disappeared from view. The car slowly rolled out of Sharon's driveway.

Summer glanced back at Sharon and saw that she still looked angry with Jonny.

Sharon addressed Jonny sharply, "I don't want to be with you either. Please go." She was still shaking with anger at the thought of Summer intruding on her birthday party, and intruding on Jonny.

"Sharon, stop being childish. I have asked her to leave. What else do you want?" Jonny asked. His face was etched in a frown as he looked at her.

Sharon hummed softly, walked over and held his arm. She said enviously, "Brother Jonny, you must answer one question!"

"Okay, it's your birthday. You are the most important person. What's the question?" Jonny curved his lips into a helpless smile and said.

Sharon blinked her eyes and said in a cold way.

"Okay, my question is—which one of us do you like more, me or Summer?"

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