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   Chapter 587 It Would Always Be You

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To say that the Rong family was wealthy was an understatement. The amount of money that Simon was asking for were mere pennies. 'If it was for Joyce, it would be worth a shot, ' Hiram thought to himself, thinking of the smile it would bring to her daughter's face.

Simon nodded vigorously and said, "Okay, Uncle Rong. I promise that

I will give it my all. And if I fail," he paused, considering the gravity of what he was about to say next and steeled himself to continue, "I will spend the rest of my life working to pay it back to you, if that's what it takes."

There was a silence after Simon finished his words. He could feel his heart pounding as he looked at Hiram straight in the eye, waiting for his response. The seconds crawled weightily—it was almost as if Simon could hear the ticking of the clock. The spell was broken with an unceremonious knock on the door.

Joyce poked her head inside the room. "Dad, what are you talking about with Simon?" she asked cheerfully.

Hiram remained silent, and continued to look at Simon.

Simon gathered his wits and tried his absolute best to sound natural as he spoke, "Nothing, Joyce. I just had some business matters that I wanted to ask the advice of Uncle Rong." He smiled at her, relieved that his voice came out steadily.

"Oh, okay." Joyce said casually. She looked at her father and touched a hand to her dress. She was wearing a dress in pure white, its color complementing her fair complexion. It had a wavy hemline and flowed down in waves on her.

"Dad, Simon, how do I look? I love this dress so much!" she exclaimed, her voice flowing with enthusiasm.

Since she was a little girl, Joyce had always been obsessed with princess dresses. The fact that her father remembered what she liked made her heart swell with warmth.

Hiram couldn't help but smile at his daughter. "It looks great on you, sweetie. And I'll have you know, that dress was customized for only you and shipped from France. It is one of a kind in this world," Hiram rested his gaze warmly as he continued, "just like you." He was filled with wonder as he saw his daughter blossoming each day right before his very eyes. Only the best of the best would do. He had Rachel to thank for giving him such a lovely daughter. He smiled to himself in satisfactions as he thought of the two dresses he had arranged to be custom-made, one for Joyce, and the other for Rachel.

Joyce visibly brightened at her father's words. "Thank you, dad!"

She twirled around and turned to Simon next. "How do I look, Simon?" she asked.

In truth, the vision of Joyce in the flowing white fabric left Simon at a loss for words. He had never beheld anyone as lovely.

He could not take his eyes off her as he took in the image of her in that dress.

It was as if she was born to wear that dress.

At the back of his mind, he made a silent resolve to become strong enough, so he would be able to keep the brightness in her eyes and the curve of her smile.

"You look wonderful," he said, and it was the truth.

Then, Jonny's figure passed through the corridor. The movement caught Simon's attention and he called out to him, "Jonny?"

Jonny was about to go downstairs. His expression showed his surprise upon seeing Simon. "Simon? When did you come here?" he asked curiously.

"Not long ago. How about you? I didn't know you were back," Simon replied, walking towards him as he spoke.

When he was out of the room, Joyce turned to her father, with a knowing expression on her face. She smiled at Hiram and asked, "Dad, what did you really say to Simon?"

Despite his best efforts, Joyce was able to sense Simon's earlier uneasiness as he stood in front of Hiram in the room.

Hiram chuckled and shoo

s time went by, it was as if the years were putting distance between them, and she didn't know if the Jonny she knew was still there.

"No. What are you saying? You're thinking too much. I'm just…I'm just really busy. Dad is getting old now and he has been looking forward to me taking over the family business. You know that. I have to work very hard. I don't want to disappoint him," he said.

Summer looked at him again. He was the spitting image of his father. They had the same deep eyes that seemed to change colors with their emotions. Although Jonny was only 19, his eyes reflected ambition.

Summer sighed in defeat and nodded. "Ok, I understand. You know, you can just tell me if you don't like me. I won't take it against you, you know?" she said, wearing a sad smile.

Jonny was taken aback at her words. He stopped reading, and looked at her, his eyes turning gloomy.

"Summer, you're only 17. You shouldn't always be worrying about people's opinions. It's better to spend your time and energy on your studies for your own growth."

"Right, you are right, I know that already. But you know what, I ranked NO.3 in my whole grade!" Summer declared proudly. There was a big grin on her face as she said it, but it was quickly replaced with a pout. "But yeah, I know that I'm not as good as you and Joyce. I will work harder in the future.

I'm going to keep up with the two of you!"

It was as if the twins were bound to be good at everything. At school, Jonny and Joyce not only skipped their grade levels often, but also excelled in their academic performance all the time. They received honors every year for being at the top of their class. It was only later that Joyce stopped skipping grades, because she got along well with her classmates and she didn't want to leave them. And yet, although she was only 19, she was already about to graduate from university.

Jonny stood up and closed his book, taking two other books from the table and heading for the study to put them back on the shelves.

"That's right. Work harder. Auntie has a lot of faith in you." He headed to the study with three books in his hand.

Seeing him stand up, Summer followed him.

When they got to the study, Jonny's phone rang.

He pulled it out of his pocket, his expression visibly changed when he saw the name of the person who was calling. "Sharon? What happened?" With one of his hand holding the phone, he pushed the door of the study open with his other hand and walked out.

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