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   Chapter 586 Fight For Joyce

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Simon awoke to the sound of the knock on his door. He opened the door to find an intoxicated Joyce on the brink of falling. His hands shot out to hold her straight.

"Why did you drink so much? It seemed Glen didn't stop you at all."

Simon helped the staggering Joyce into his room. Once inside, she surveyed the room and remembered being there when she was a little girl. 'Nothing has changed, ' mused Joyce.

Simon ushered towards the sofa and set her down on it. Then he went to get a small wet towel to wipe her face then said,"Joyce? Are you okay? What's bothering you?"

His words distracted Joyce from her observation of his room. She turned to look at him.

"No, I'm not okay. I feel sick in my heart."

Simon remained motionless for a second, and then he put the towel on the table next to him and said with a sigh,"Joyce…"

His words were cut short by Joyce, she wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him on the lips.

Simon wanted to push her away but couldn't find the courage. She kissed him sloppily and tried to push her tongue in his mouth craving for more.

The smell of her body made him delirious and he felt his breathing turn erratic. Gradually, he felt his arms encircle her waist in a tight grip.

Eventually, he gave into Joyce's probing tongue and they kissed without restraint.

Simon slipped his tongue inside Joyce's mouth. Her perfume drove him crazy and he couldn't control his hands as he began to strip off her clothing.

Her flesh glowed before him and all he wanted to do was run his hands across her smooth skin but something made him stop suddenly.

'What am I doing?' he panicked.

"...What's wrong, Simon?" asked Joyce, confused at the interruption, her hands still clutching the hair on his head.

She was no longer a little girl. As an adult, Joyce wanted to be with the one she loved and felt she deserved it.

"I'm sorry." Simon held her arms and brought them down. He was wracked with guilt and said through clenched teeth,"Joyce, I need to take you to your room. Since it is your summer holidays, I think you should go home tomorrow."

"No, I won't. I want to stay here with you,"

countered Joyce stubbornly and wrapped her hands around his neck again.

Simon was incensed at Joyce's refusal to take his advice. It had taken all of his strength to control himself from ravishing her. H

wordlessly, before the desk.

"There is just one thing I want to ask you. Are you marrying Haze for her status or for your heart?" asked Hiram and flicked the ash off his cigarette.

Simon knew that it was impossible to conceal the truth from Hiram, who had remained his idol since childhood.

"I am marrying her because of her status. She can help my family," said Simon truthfully.

Hiram nodded his head. "Well. So you actually like Joyce. I'm her dad, and I don't want her to be sad. But your decisions and your circumstances are also understandable.

You intend to give up your happiness for your family and I admire such a sense of duty,"

said Hiram and stubbed out the cigarette in the ashtray. He slowly exhaled the last stream of cigarette smoke and continued,"The biggest difficulty for your family is the lack of working capital. Your marketing skills and products are still efficient.

I can give you a hand. But marrying Joyce is not my condition. I want my daughter to stay with me longer.

I will give you three years. If you return my investment and an additional thirty percent of your profits, then I would commend your ability and I will allow you to pursue Joyce. Do you agree?"

Simon went into shock at hearing Hiram's words. It took him a while to regain his composure.

"Uncle Hiram, are you really willing to believe in me? Don't you worry about that…"

"Man up! Don't lose heart if you have a strong will," interrupted Hiram,"You don't deserve Joyce if you cannot hold up your end of the deal. Would you like to fight for her?"

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