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   Chapter 585 I Don’t Deserve You

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"Joyce? Is that really you? What a surprise! But how come you are here?" asked the woman loudly.

She had recognized that it was Joyce who had just run into her and then raised her head to let out a laugh. A man came near them and the woman grabbed his hand and said, briskly, "Simon, I can't believe my eyes! Look, it's Joyce! I would never have thought that we could run into her here!"

Joyce was at a loss of words watching the tall handsome man stroll elegantly into the view of her pearly black eyes.

"Hey, Simon..." she mumbled.

Simon also had no idea why Joyce was here. He stopped in front of her and looked at her from head to toe. He then stopped at the look of dismay on her face and asked, "Joyce? What's this hurry for? And what are you doing here anyway?"

"I... I have an internship here for one week and this is a commitment," Joyce responded reluctantly. Her eyes stung at seeing their arms intimately linked together.

Haze laughed out once again and shook her head unbelievably, "Are you kidding me? You're the daughter of Hiram Rong and have been brought up like a princess! Why are you taking the trouble to work here?

Joyce, don't be naughty! I believe your father will be mad at you if he learns about this!"

Joyce ignored Haze. Her beautiful eyes were fixed on Simon, and she said calmly, "It is my decision and my father respects it. I am grown up enough to know that it is good for me to have exposure to a variety of experiences."

"Is that what you were thinking? But I am afraid this place is too humble for you to stay in. We all know that your father's Company is one of the biggest in our country, so please don't put us at in this awkward position, Joyce. If something were to happen to you during your stay, it would be hard for us to explain it to your father.

What do you think, Simon? Do you agree with me?" Haze turned to Simon for help.

She looked at him expectantly, hoping that he could talk Joyce out of this stupid idea.

Simon heaved a sigh, dragged his arm from Haze and said to Joyce, "Come with me, Joyce. We need to talk."

Then he turned around and walked to the office building.

In the empty corridor of the office building, Simon put his eyes on her, and Joyce didn't utter a word but bowed her head to look at the floor.

It was hard for Simon to imagine Joyce as anything but a four-year-old girl that he had met nearly fifteen years ago. He saw her as the same little girl who would never grow up.

"Joyce, please listen to me. Go back to H City immediately. This is not a place where you should stay. The air is polluted and the living conditions are bad. In one word, you should leave as soon as you can!" persuaded Simon.

He narrated in his mind, 'Joyce has had a luxurious upbringing and never faced any hardships in her life and, thus she is unprepared for this place. It is also very risky for her to stay alone in a new place. What if something happens to her?'

"No, Simon! You don't understand. I can easily stay here because you're here!" Joyce suddenly spoke after a

dinner outside. Please go on."

He walked past them hurriedly and went upstairs without a second glance.

Glen found his elder brother's swift exit very unusual. Then he looked at Joyce and briskly tapped her plate with his chopsticks, saying, "Eat your supper, young lady, don't just sit there!"

Joyce took her chopsticks in her hand and asked innocently, "Glen, you're a big star now and I believe you make a fortune in that business. Why don't you support Simon since he is in need of it now?"

Glen lowered his head and ate a few mouthfuls before replying her, "I am a contracted actor and the money I make doesn't all come to me. Besides, as a new entrant, I need to spend lots of money on my image and publicity. Have you ever seen a movie star dressed in ordinary clothing? No! It is a basic requirement in my profession to invest in my image and my network. I am losing money little by little.

To tell you the truth, I didn't quite understand why Simon decided to take over the furniture company. Of course, our father and grandfather spent their lives building it, but it's his own choice and he should choose wisely." Glen translated his mind into words.

He poured another glass of wine for Joyce and said, "Okay, let's stop here. It makes me feel awful every time I think of it. What about you? Aren't you going home now? I think it is too late to travel. Don't you agree?"

Then they drank down one glass of wine after another until it was actually too late for Joyce to leave and she was persuaded to stay the night.

There were plenty of rooms in the Ji House and she had stayed here a few times before.

Soon after, she was tipsy and decided to go back to her room. She flopped onto her bed but was too restless to sleep.

When she finally surrendered to her agitation, Joyce got up from the bed. She wandered around the house until she found herself outside Simon's room. Her knuckles rapped smartly on the door effortlessly. She didn't know what drove her to be this bold, the wine or the desire to see him.

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