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   Chapter 584 Grown-up Daughters Are Hard To Control

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"Then, I suppose it would be fine to call Chester, hmm?" Rachel asked again. Since Jonny had come home and Joyce was on her way home, it would've been perfect if Chester had come back too.

"Did you forget that you called him yesterday?" Hiram dragged her into the bedroom jokingly. "You must have amnesia, honey. I think we'd better go out more often now, instead of staying at home,"

Hiram said as he closed the door.

"Hiram, what are you doing? It's still daytime. Besides, don't you have business to deal with at the company today?" Rachel said with a smile, as she stared at Hiram who held her tightly in his arms.

"Everything will be fine. I told my staff to turn to Jonny and Chester directly should there be an emergency. They are already old enough to share the company's responsibilities with me!" Hiram said as he kissed Rachel on the cheek after putting her down on the bed.

Hiram had been working for half of his life, and he thought that it was time for his two sons to share more responsibilities involving the company with him.


Soon, Jonny had returned home. He didn't stay long in the living room, and instead, went straight into his room to finish his assignments. However, when he was searching for information online, he suddenly heard the embarrassing sounds coming from his parent's bedroom. Then, he shook his head with a smile and put on his headset.

On his table was a photo of his entire family, in which Chester was standing in front of him and Joyce, while Rachel and Hiram were standing behind them with radiant smiles on their faces.

Apparently, they were a happy family of five, which were envied by many other people.

A few moments later, Jonny's phone beeped.

"Jonny, is it true that you're back home? Are you available tomorrow?" Summer asked on the other end of the line.

Jonny then put the phone on loudspeaker mode, responding to her, as he took some data from the bookshelf, "I'm kind of busy at the moment. How about we meet up in two days time? Anyway, since it is the summer holidays now, I think we'll be able to spend some more quality time together."

"Eh, but I miss Rachel too, and I want to come and see her. Will you be home tomorrow?" Summer asked Jonny again.

Summer is also known as Nadia, the daughter of Shirley. Although she was adopted by Miranda after she was born, she could still keep her last name, which was Fang, and was also the only thing she had remembered about her mother.

"If you want to come sooner, then you should. My mom will be at the house. However, I might not be. Perhaps you should call her when you plan on coming over tomorrow," Jonny said, fixing his eyes on the screen of his computer, uninterested in Summer.

"Okay, I see," Summer paused for a few moments before responding again, "Jonny, I...I really miss you too."

After finishing her words, Summer hung up the phone, without giving Jonny a chance to respond.

Hearing the phone being hung up in his ear, Jonny glanced at his phone and continued with his assignments. He didn't ponder on Summer's words.

However, he was distracted by his phone, which rang again ten minutes later. Looking at his ringing phone impatiently, he sighed and answered the call.

"Jonny, why didn't you tell me that you were coming back? If my dad hadn't told me about this, I wouldn't have known at all. How do you think that makes me fee

olbag and said, "Joyce, your mother, Rachel, called you today. She said that Jonny had come back home, and hoped that you would come back home soon to join him during his stay, as well."

"Thanks, I got it,"

Joyce said as she continued to walk towards her room.

When she entered her room, Joyce closed the door and sat down at her desk, feeling a little bit lonely by herself. Soon, her attention had shifted towards her family photo on the table. She then decided to take the photo out of the frame to have a closer look at it. With all of her happy memories intact, and flashing through her mind, Joyce smiled and gently touched the picture of her mother, her father and Jonny.

Chester was also in the photo. Joyce knew that her little brother was very intelligent and considerate, even though he was only about fourteen-year-old.

Sitting at her desk, she smiled for a few moments before gradually putting the photo down on the table. Then, she grabbed her pajamas and went into the bathroom.

The next morning, Joyce woke up and found that it was already a little bit late. Therefore, she got up quickly, threw on a casual outfit and rushed out of the apartment as fast as she could.

As the precious daughter of the Rong family, Joyce had been living a happy life, with everyone around her trying to satisfy her with compliments, not daring to go against her will. She had never felt disappointment until her birthday of eighteen-year-old, when Simon and Haze announced their engagement.

Ever since then, Joyce's arrogant and proud heart had been shattered into a million pieces.

Afterwards, she insisted on going to a completely different city to study.

It was also because she had realized that not everything on earth would be available for her when she needed it, including her family and friends at the time.

"Hey! what's the matter with you?", a woman shouted at Joyce.

Joyce was on her way to the company, but since she was already a little bit late, Joyce rushed towards her office after getting off the car, and thus bumped into a woman wearing high-heel shoes.

"I'm so sorry, Miss," Joyce apologized. However, when she had raised her head to look up, and found that there was a man following the woman, she was shocked.

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