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   Chapter 583 How Time Goes By

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Hiram blacklisted Flora without any hesitation after he learned what she had done to Rachel.

He felt utterly appalled by what she did. He thought it was an insult for him to keep such a shameless woman in his phone book.

Also, he couldn't imagine why he treated that woman very nicely before. Although, he didn't bother to know why.

The former Hiram might not be so merciless to Flora, because after all she had been around him for years. However, now, he had forgotten all the things between them, good or bad.

It felt relieving for him to have no relations with her anymore. From that moment, he wouldn't have to deal with the matters concerning her.

At that time, Hiram realized there was only one woman whom he needed to care about, and it was his wife, Rachel.

"Mr. Rong, you'll drop by Norway next week for a business trip. Do you need me to make some travel plans for you?"

Ben came over and asked, "You mentioned last time that Mrs. Rong and the kids wanted to travel abroad. I think Norway will be a good choice at this time of the year."

Hiram suddenly stopped at reviewing his documents, raised his head and thought for a moment before responding.

"Okay, thank you. Please set aside as much free time as possible for me. Since my family is going with me this time, please see if there are any other cities available along the road. I would love to spend a wonderful vacation with my wife and our kids," he replied.

Thinking of what his wife had gone through these days, he thought it would be a great idea to take her out for a vacation. Also, it would be better if the kids and Fannie could go with them.

"Oh, don't forget to arrange a limousine for our travels. My wife is expecting another baby, you should make everything comfortable for her. Another thing, for our hotel, make sure to find someplace tranquil to stay in," he then added.

Rachel was not supposed to walk for a long time now. But it should be okay for her to travel abroad as long as the schedule would be suitable.

"Got it! I'll take care of it all. Please trust me, Mr. Rong!" Ben nodded his head, turned around and went out.

A week had already gone by. Rachel felt surprised when Hiram shared his plans for their family that week.

She had thought that the family trip would be postponed until two years later. But it really made her excited when her loving husband made a way to make it finally happen.

Afterward, the whole family gathered together and left for their adventure with joy and expectation.

Days had passed. Time was flying by so fast that it was hard for people to notice.

But it was so swift that it would just slip away from one's fingertips.

Years seemed like yesterday. The kids were growing up gradually.

Like how seasons come by, just how summer goes and winter comes. Time does flow like water, it's continuous, you can never bring back what has passed.

"Honey, hurry up! Look…" Hiram cried out mysteriously.

He was standing at the French window and looking out.

Rachel took off her apron and came over to him, asking, "What's up? What are you looking at?"

Hiram grabbed her waist as she moved near and pointed at a young man and a young woman at the front gate of their house with his chin. He chuckled and asked, "Do you see that girl? Do you think she is Jonny's girlfriend?"

they had grown so much.

Jonny laughed at the inquisitive expression on his mom's face. He asserted, "Mom, if she was my girlfriend, I would have brought her in to introduce her to you and Dad. Please relax! I'll tell you if I meet the right girl someday.

But I always take Dad as an example. He married you when he was nearly thirty, and I think I will do the same. Come on, Mom! I'm only nineteen. If you happen to worry about someone, please focus your attention on Joyce and not on me! Don't stress yourself too much! Please just save your energy."

Hiram cast a quick glance at Rachel and asked worriedly, "Joyce? What's going on around her?"

Jonny stopped, took a deep breath, and secretly blamed the slip of his tongue. "Oh, I almost forget! I need to go back to my room now. I'm going out with friends to play soccer this afternoon!" he said quickly and ran upstairs.

Hiram and Rachel looked at each other and didn't know what to say after Jonny left.

"I'm going to give Joyce a call…" Rachel murmured.

She immediately turned around to get her phone, but Hiram stopped her from behind. He convinced in a low voice, "Honey, please take it easy. Our kids have grown up already. They won't keep us informed about all the things that are happening around them. Maybe we can interfere this time, but how about next time?"

Rachel then heaved a sigh and said, "Right, they have grown too fast. I used to think that Joyce liked Simon, but it turned out that it was just my illusion. I can't follow her mind as she's getting older!"

"Please don't put your entire heart on our kids anymore! Cheer up! I'll take you to a fancy restaurant for dinner this evening! Let's just go out and have fun together," Hiram comforted her.

He wrapped his arms around her shoulders and led her to the staircases.

When their kids were little, they had to spend most of their time at home. This was the reason why it was hard for Rachel to let go. They were unable to stop worrying about them even if they were outside. Since the kids were old enough now, they eventually got more time for themselves.

Hiram wished that he could spend the rest of their life in peace with his lovely wife while they were still vigorous.

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