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   Chapter 582 She Sounded Like A Sow

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Hiram stood up and lowered his head slowly to look at Rachel. He then helped tuck her hair behind her ear.

"What are you talking about? What do you want to know, Rachel?"

Looking at Hiram's big eyes, Rachel suddenly felt extremely nervous.

She finally managed to gather the courage to speak, "You said that you have forgotten everything we had gone through. Tell me the truth now, please. I need to know. What do you think about me now? Do you still feel the same about me? Are you still with me because I gave birth to two of your children and you feel the need to take responsibility for both me and them…"

Rachel didn't understand why Hiram had still treated her well, regardless of what had happened before. She couldn't grasp the reason why he could not remember her but would still be so generous and caring towards her.

She knew that people weren't able to fall in love with each other overnight and that it might take longer than she had thought.

Hiram, who was touching Rachel's face, was surprised by her question, which to him, made no sense whatsoever. He smiled at her and said, "You're my wife, Rachel. Who else should I care about, except for you?"

"I know. However, I have my doubts. I want to know whether you are doing this out of love, or out of pure responsibility?" Rachel felt insecure about her position in their marriage, and she cared about everything they had gone through. She proceeded to ask him anxiously.

She was nervous and uneasy, being overwhelmed by her own mixed feelings.

Rachel felt as though Hiram's love for her had turned into mere responsibility. How could she ever accept just that? It wasn't good enough for her.

"I would say that I care about you because I truly love you. However, you wouldn't believe me, even if I had said it, would you?"

Hiram sighed and continued to speak, "I admit that I care about you because you're my wife, of course. When I see our two children, my assurance that you're the most important person in my life, including our kids, is even clearer than ever before. I need to do everything to protect all of you and I would never be able to hurt you.

I can't describe it, but I had this feeling when I opened my eyes in the car and saw you for the first time."

Then Hiram lit a cigarette, walked over to the window and opened it.

When he had smoked half a cigar, Hiram turned around to look at Rachel who was standing in the middle of the bedroom, absent-minded and looking at him.

"However, I don't think that there is any difference between love and responsibility at all. Love and responsibility are the same things to me. Why can't I be responsible for you and then fall in love with you? What's wrong with that?"

Rachel remained silent. Lowering her head, she stared at her feet, entirely upset and disappointed at the words coming out of her husband's mouth.

She was thinking about the way Hiram used to talk to her before the accident. The manner in which he told her that he loved her, was different. Before, he seemed far more passionate, making Rachel feel overwhelmed, but now...

Their passion had to be ignited from scratch again. Did it include his feel

ora said excitedly. Although Hiram was unable to see her, he could tell from her voice that she was on the verge of collapsing.

"Oh? Right, it's you. I can't believe that you still have the audacity to call me."

Hiram was typing on his notebook. He couldn't help but laugh at Flora. It seemed that giving Flora a dose of her own medicine was working well.

"Hiram, how could you do this to me? How could you? Don't you know that I can't dare to go out now? All of the reporters are calling me a slut. Are you satisfied with yourself now? !"

Exclaiming her question to him, Flora felt like she was about to cry.

"Uh-huh, pretty much," Hiram then continued, adding insult to the injury at hand, "I think that the reporters are doing a great job at exposing real news. What they said must be entirely true. I mean, look at what you have done to Rachel. You're a bitch, aren't you?"

"Hiram! How dare you say that to me!"

Flora yelled at him, "What's wrong with you? What happened to you? You've never talked to me like that before. I'm a bitch? I love you so much that I've spent my entire youth waiting for you. How could you say such a thing to me?"

Hiram frowned. Flora was hysterical and her voice sounded like a sow, further annoying him.

"Really, is that so? Are you trying to say that I have to pay back each of the women that has done something for me? You know what? No one has ever asked you to do things for me. It's your own wishful thinking. You can't blame it on me, let alone Rachel! Now, stop telling me how much you have done for me and stop asking me to repay the favor, for it will only make me look down on you more!

I tell you what, Flora. You deserve all of these. I will ensure you experience what Rachel has gone through. Thanks to you, you will be in far more pain than Rachel ever was before!"

said Hiram. He didn't want to hear Flora's annoying voice anymore, and so he finished the conversation by saying, "Don't call me again, unless you have anything important or useful to tell me. I'm very busy."

He then hung up the phone directly and blocked Flora's number.

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