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   Chapter 581 Marcus’ Press Conference

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Chad agreed by nodding mutely, wondering why Hiram had become more aggressive than ever before.

As long as for he could remember, Hiram was decisive when it came to businesses, but usually, he would be more thoughtful when dealing with people, especially the ones around him. Now, however, it seemed like he wouldn't give any consideration to anyone or anything for as long as he was focused on reaching his own personal goals.

"Where the hell is Marcus Ren? Did he come back from his trip abroad yet?" Hiram suddenly asked again.

His eyes became gloomy once he saw the man who dared to kiss his wife, displayed on his laptop.

"Yes, he's back. Since he's a well-known businessman abroad, it was easy for us to get information on him. He came back after I contacted him," Chad narrated in full detail to Hiram.

"Oh, I'm overwhelmed by the fact that he dares to show his face here," Hiram said coldly while closing his laptop.

Chad looked at Hiram and added immediately, "Hiram, he said that he would give you and Rachel a satisfactory reply. He asked you to please wait for him with patience."

Hiram looked up at Chad with a slightly shocked expression on his face. He thought that Marcus would be hiding somewhere and wouldn't dare to come out, even if the sky was falling down. However, now he had recognized that Marcus was indeed a remarkable man.

He felt excited to wait and see what this man would do next.


Three days later, Marcus was scheduled to make a public appearance after he had returned from his trip.

He invited the city's biggest media correspondents and held a press conference, to publicly apologize to Rachel.

What made matters even more interesting, was that the press conference was broadcast live online for all the world to see.

Marcus admitted that he'd had a crush on Rachel for a very long time, in front of all the attendees. He couldn't keep his feelings to himself any longer, so he decided to display his feeling publicly. She then refused him without any hesitation whatsoever. Upon hearing this, Marcus remained unwilling to give up on her, which was the reason why he plotted against Rachel and kissed her without her permission.

Despite his efforts to win her heart over, however, the possibility of having a life with her, ended; he'd never get the chance to see her alone thereafter.

He begged the public to stop making up their own stories and gossiping about Rachel, which would only bring her more pain.

The press conference set the whole world on its ear, and the public opinions became increasingly intense.

The photos were released online and were blurred out because they were taken in a dim room with bad lighting. People were thus, unable to see Rachel and Marcus' face clearly.

Marcus was remembered because of his sincere words and handsome appearance after he showed up. In no time, people grew more and more curious about what Rachel looked like. They imagined her to be very charming or intelligent, which had to be the traits that attracted Marcus so deeply towards her.

He was so obsessed with Rachel, that he would rather risk ruining his reputation to save her reputation, than anything else.

Rachel had been elected as the most charming woman in H City, and it wasn't only because she'

dance, but I can't dance well at all…" Joyce also said reluctantly. She had just started to learn dancing, but had realized that it might be too hard for her to dance on the stage in front of a crowd of people.

Hiram let go of his little daughter and responded, thinking about it for a few seconds, "Okay, here is my suggestion. How about I teach you and your brother to play the piano? I'll pick a simple song and believe that both of you can learn it quickly because you're so smart!"

Rachel took Jonny's hand into hers and said, "It's a good idea, don't you think? Jonny can play the piano and Joyce can dance on the song. It'll be perfect!"

"Oh, yes! Let's do it! Let's do it!"

Joyce jumped with excitement and applauded happily.

"Well, okay then. Let's do it!" Hiram replied, looking at her with a big pleasing smile on his face.

Later that evening, they had supper together in the joy of being in each others' presence, finally.

"What are we doing up here?" Rachel asked.

She glared at Hiram, who had grabbed her by the hand and led her upstairs to their bedroom. She looked at him confusingly and wondered whether something was wrong with him.

"Honey, I'm so excited…" he murmured.

He then placed her hand on his chest, to let her feel his heartbeat.

Rachel could feel Hiram's heart beating fast and bouncing wildly as though it would jump out of his chest the very next second. She then asked him, "What's the matter? Why is your heart beating so fast?"

Hiram looked down and then up at her, but was unable to convey his feelings in words. "I know I've forgotten lots of things, and that I need to regain them. However, this is the very first time I've seen my kids after the accident.

I can feel nothing but fulfilled and happy now, honey. I'll put in my greatest efforts to protect you and our kids in the future, and make you, my love, as happy as I possibly can from now on...not to mention the little one, who is on the way …" he said seriously.

Then he bent over to touch Rachel's belly tenderly. There was a touch of softness that Rachel had never seen from her husband before.

"Hiram, can I ask you a question?"

Rachel asked suddenly.

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