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   Chapter 580 Give Her Medicine Of Her Own Kind

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Rachel blushed a rosy red when she saw the wicked smile on Hiram's face.

"Your head injury is yet to heal so forget about it. We can do that when you recover."

With her heart pounding in her chest, Rachel tried to avoid looking into his frenzied eyes. This feeling was so strange. She felt as if it was the first time she met Hiram, which was a beautiful memory.

She was about to leave when her hand was grasped by Hiram and his voice scorched her skin.

"Are you shy? We've been married for so many years, I thought you would have been used to it by now.

You look years younger than your age, it appears that I must have spoilt you with my love and care. My adoration for you has trapped you in this innocent nubile form."

Rachel could not have thrived so beautifully had it not been for Hiram's love and respect.

Hearing what Hiram said, Rachel glared at him with a slight frown.

"What do you mean?"

Rachel asked, feeling confused at Hiram's implication.

'What did Hiram mean to imply?'

Hiram stroked Rachel's smooth face with the back of his hand, his eyes narrowed slightly.

"I meant nothing."

Then he grabbed Rachel's hand and took her to the balcony.

He pulled open the curtains to reveal the lush green mountains in the distance.

Rachel gazed at Hiram who was silent, feeling guilty. She had been so occupied with other things lately that she had not been attentive towards her husband. Rachel had been unable to satisfy him before Hiram had the car accident so she felt she should spoil him this time.

She stepped forward to hug him from behind and said, "Honey, I have been having problems with the operations in my company, so I decided to shut it down.

After all these are settled, I want to stay at home and take care of the family, you and our kids."

Hiram held her hands and replied in a gentle voice, "That would be great for all of us. And I will spend more time with you and kids in the future as well."

Rachel hugged him tightly and pleaded, "Could you arrange for my employees to be absorbed into the Streams Company? They have worked for me for many years. When I shut down operations of my company, they will be out of jobs."

Hiram patted her hands softly and replied without hesitation, "No problem. I will make the arrangements. They have worked for you so I will treat them well."

Rachel pressed her face against Hiram's back, to feel his heart beat against hers and said, "Thank you, honey."

Hiram turned around. He raised his eyebrows and looked at her with a smile.

"Only a 'thank you' is not enough to me. I am m

ad. He continued, "The person who had advertised the bounty was Miss Li."

Neither of them was surprised, they had expected that.

"Just tell me her name and background. What's her full name?" Hiram asked, raising his eyebrows suggesting Chad being more elaborate in telling him about Flora.

Chad scratched his head in confusion, then remembered that Rachel had told him that Hiram had lost some memory following the car accident, then he asked, "Hiram, did you really forget who she is?"

"Who does she think she is? Should I remember her?" snorted Hiram and tossed the information aside.

He had been tolerant of Flora because of their years of friendship.

But now he cound not even remember her, not to speak of mercy.

Anyone who tried to frame his wife, in such a degrading way, was his enemy. Flora was no exception.

Chad's eyes widened in shock, but he collected himself before saying, "Alright. I'll get her information for you now."

He was about to turn around to leave when Hiram called him and said, "Don't bring it to me. You may sort through it. I will give her a dose of her own medicine regardless of who she is.

Go and dissect that woman and find her secrets. If there are none then make some up and expose them to the public."

Chad swallowed and nodded his head. He said, "But she is in Britain with her husband, I'm afraid she won't see it."

Hearing that, Hiram's face broke into a vicious smile.

"She's married? Good! Let her husband know how shameless his wife is. That woman hopes that my wife would cheat on me, so I will let her cheat on her own husband.

It doesn't matter where she is. I believe you know what to do."

Hiram said, looking at Chad with his eyebrows raised.

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