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   Chapter 579 To Create New Memory

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"I'm perfectly fine, honey. Besides we've got a family doctor. Can we go home now?" Rachel asked Hiram. She couldn't stand being confined in the hospital.

Considering that the hospital was a public place, it was bustling with patients and caretakers. Rachel grew anxious, because it seemed that the longer she stayed here, the more people would recognize her.

"Our family doctor and the doctors here are two different things, honey. Our family doctor is not as specialized compared to those working in a hospital."

Hiram tried to persuade Rachel as he was standing in front of her. He was holding Rachel in his arms. His tall build blocked Rachel from the sight of the passerbys.

A doctor specializing in gynecology and obstetrics checked on Rachel. She analyzed the results of the tests and explained that the baby was three months old and in good health. Aside from that, the doctor asked Rachel whether she was stressed out with work recently. She advised her to increase her rest time.

Then the doctor allowed Rachel to listen to the baby's heartbeat. Hiram was with her all the time.

Rachel noticed Hiram's excitement upon hearing the heartbeat. His gentle eyes were a little misty as tender tears brimmed on his eyelids. He had a fixed gaze at Rachel's abdomen. A small smile was drawn on his face.

It felt like the first time for Hiram. He was very excited.

Rachel couldn't hold on to her laughter. She hesitated for a moment, wondering whether to remind Hiram that he already had two babies who were not little anymore at home.

When Rachel and Hiram were back to the RaR Castle, Ben was there waiting for them in the living room. He was holding a file which was waiting to be signed by Hiram on one hand and some other files about some meetings on the other hand.

"Ben, what made you come here?"

Seeing Ben, Rachel looked at Hiram suspiciously.

Ben turned his head towards Rachel, smiled and explained, "Good afternoon, Mrs. Rong. These are important files that need President Rong's signature. This is an urgent matter so I have to come personally."

Still, Rachel was not convinced, giving Hiram a distrustful look. But Hiram didn't mind it. He just walked towards Ben and they walked together to the elevator. Rachel heard Hiram saying to Ben, "Let's go to the study."

Ben picked up the files on the table, excused himself, and followed Hiram to the elevator.

"Mrs. Rong, I have some freshly cut fruits for you. Would you fancy to have some?" A servant walked towards Rachel and said to her, holding a plate of fresh fruits.

"Sure, thank you." Rachel took the fruits from the servant and went upstairs.

Inside the bedroom, Rachel placed the plate by the bedside table and went to the bathroom to freshen up herself. Finishing off with her routine she turned on the

lips. He kissed her like she was a fragile china doll. He was very gentle and careful, touching her chin gently. It was a slow, long, passionate and reassuring kiss.

Rachel closed her eyes, enjoying this rare and gentle kiss. She pulled him close and pressed her body to his. Hiram used to be very aggressive. But now, he was like the sun in winter, the breeze in summer—tacit and very comforting.

"Honey, do you really mean it?" Hiram left Rachel hanging as he cut the kiss short. "Do you really trust me?" Rachel asked.

Catching her breath, Rachel blinked and asked Hiram carefully.

"What do you mean? Are you talking about the news that you cheated on me?"

Hiram took a deep breath, one of his hands still resting on the wall.

Rachel didn't say a word. She just lowered her head and stared at her feet.

After all, Hiram just heard about the news. He should have been extremely mad at Rachel.

Hiram smirked coldly, "Where is that mongrel? He's such a shameless asshole! I'm going to find him and I'll give him a chance to explain to me what happened. I won't just let it pass. He kissed you! How dare him! He needs to pay the consequences of what he has done!"

Hiram said as he put his thumb on Rachel's lips.

"You belong to me. I'm the only one who can kiss you. Here, is my private property and I'm so selfish when it comes to you."

Rachel was startled by Hiram's expressions. He seemed unchanged yet more indifferent and resolute after the car accident. Hiram kissed Rachel again.

"Rachel, I want you… I want you to make love to me. But you're pregnant. Is it possible? Can we…?" Hiram breathed out, holding her hand and giving it a slight squeeze.

Rachel blinked and nodded her head, feeling the warmth of Hiram's body rising.

Hiram was smiling and giving Rachel a flirty look.

"However," he added, "can we do it the other way?"

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