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   Chapter 578 He Is The Same Hiram Rong

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Hiram looked back at Rachel with a glass of water in his hands, raising his eyebrows and smiling at her.

"Mr. Wolf? Are you serious?" he responded to her, as though it was almost too intimate for him to hear.

Rachel's confidence suddenly disappeared in one split second, which she had been curating for the entire morning. "Okay, let's have breakfast first before Chason takes us to the hospital then.

The doctor said that we must keep him informed if there is anything wrong with you. We'd better go for a thorough checkup. If your brain was damaged badly, it may possibly threaten your entire life!" Rachel said with a worried tone in her voice.

Noticing that Hiram hadn't remembered a lot of things, she felt as though she must do something about it. After all, he hit his head quite hard, which affected his brain, the most important organ of the human body. It was okay if Hiram was unable to remember certain things. However, she had to make sure that he was fine and that it wasn't going to threaten or alter his life in any way.

Hiram took a seat in front of the dining table and began eating his breakfast, which had been served by servants. He then touched the back of his head carelessly, which was still wrapped with a bandage.

"Okay," he replied drowsily, continuing to eat his breakfast.

It seemed as though he did not care much about his injury whatsoever.

After breakfast, Chason drove both Rachel and Hiram to the hospital.

The doctor carefully examined Hiram's X-ray films and asked him more details about the incident. At last, he said that he'd better consult with several senior brain specialists before making the final diagnosis.

After Hiram left the room, for a fresh dressing change for his head wound, the doctor said to Rachel, "Mrs. Rong, Mr. Rong hit his head very hard when his car was turned over by the crash, caused by the car behind him. After that, he was hit again by the impact of the airbag once the car was rolling. Thus, it definitely had impact on his brain.

However, I don't want you to worry, because it's not as severe as you may think. The lump inside of his head will be adsorbed gradually later as it heals by itself, and thereafter we can address his needs better. We believe that it will most likely take around six months. Thus, I recommend that you please relax. His current health is far more optimistic than we could have ever imagined."

The doctor detailed Hiram's situation patiently, in his attempt to assure Rachel that he would be fine.

"Although he might be unable to remember some of his memories, it won't affect his daily life or work at all. Besides, the memories weren't removed from his brain. We're certain that he'll be able to recall everything later. I can assure you of that, Mrs. Rong!" he added.

Rachel nodded her head slowly and felt relieved once she heard that Hiram's condition wasn't getting any worse.

"Well then...Doctor, may I ask How long he will be able to recollect all of his memories? Will it take very long?" she asked.

It was something Rachel seemed to be worried about the most. 'If Hiram couldn't remember me and our past together, then he wouldn't be himself around me, would he? He wouldn't be the original Hiram Rong.'

The doctor let out a laugh and explained, "As I just said, Mrs.

me you speak! Take a good look at the third and fourth photo! Didn't you notice that a couple of drawing boards had fallen down on the ground? Don't you think that it means something? It was obvious that they were knocked over when my wife was struggling to get rid of him!" Hiram tried to talk some sense into the two ladies.

"Please don't look at things based on the outward appearance thereof. It'll do you no good and only bring unnecessary harm to innocent people!"

He put the phone right in their faces and zoomed in on the photo.

The two of them looked at it carefully, and nodded their heads at the same time, wondering how they didn't notice it before.

"I hope that both of you and the people around you won't criticize my wife any longer after this. She was unlucky enough to be kissed by a bastard, but now she has to endure an undeserved catastrophe from all of the people who had seen the photos. Please, stop judging her!" Hiram added.

He then thrust the phone back to them and turned around, walking towards Rachel. He was still angry at the two senseless ladies.

He put one of his arms around her shoulders just as he normally would, and walked her out of the doctor's rooms, towards the exit.

Rachel then looked up at his handsome face and cracked a smile. Meanwhile, she also wrapped her hand around his waist, as per usual.

She realized that nothing had changed indeed.

The man beside her, was still the same Hiram Rong that she knew and loved.

Except for the fact that he was unable to remember her clearly, he was still the same man that cared about her and protected her, whenever she needed it the most.

Before they reached the gate of the hospital, Hiram stopped suddenly. It was almost like he had forgotten something, which had entered his mind as they were walking outside. He then said, "Oh, silly me! I almost forgot! Since we're at the hospital now, let's go to the gynecological department and see how the baby's doing."

He looked down upon her slightly bulging stomach and his eyes turned soft.

Before Rachel could utter a word, he continued, leading her to the other direction, "This way, honey. I saw that it was over there when we arrived."

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