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   Chapter 577 Is This A Joke

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Rachel stood puzzled at Hiram's reaction. Her mouth hung open in shock and she failed to notice the towel that had fallen to the ground from her hands. It took her a moment to recover from the initial surprise. She bent down to pick up the towel from the ground and said, "Hiram, don't play jokes on me, okay? This isn't a TV drama. How could you lose all your memories after a bump on the head?"

Hiram lifted a hand to his head and winced at the contact. Everything around him was spinning and he closed his eyes to gather some semblance of stability. He pushed himself up on the other hand as he tried to relieve the heaviness he felt by rubbing his hand over his temples. Then, he raised his eyes blankly to Rachel and asked, "I'm feeling a little hungry. Do we have any food at home?"

"… Yes, just wait here, and I'll heat it up for you."

Rachel stood up to prepare food for him, glancing at him from time to time with a curious look on her face. "Hiram, you're not angry with me?"

Still rubbing his head, Hiram stood up and reached for a glass of water on the table. He stared at Rachel, as if wondering about something, then asked, "Why would I be angry with you? It's not your fault that I had a car accident."

Rachel had no way of responding at the moment, as her confusion grew with every second. She averted her eyes away from him and walked outside the bedroom.

She could not follow what was happening. 'Was he playing a joke?' She felt her confusion gnaw at her and asked the servant to prepare food for Hiram as she made her way to the study. She was filled with uneasiness as she searched online about memory loss. 'Could it be that Hiram had really lost his memory of her?

Is it really possible for a person to lose memories after bumping his head?', Rachel wondered with growing anxiety.

She scoured webpages and forums for answers. Opinions varied from page to page. There were even some people who claimed that memory loss did not even exist in real life. Not able to find any answer, Rachel came out of the study all the more baffled.

She remembered Hiram's words from earlier, 'Are you my wife?'

The question kept echoing inside her head. She closed her eyes and leaned on a wall as she tried to make sense of everything that had happened.

After a while of trying to piece things together, Rachel shook her head and thought to herself, 'There is just no way that he would lose all of his memories. He must be playing jokes on me!'

She was woken from her thoughts when one of the servants called to her to say that the food was ready. She picked up a tray and walked straight to the bedroom with measured steps. Her uneasiness have not left her, but she was determined to get to the bottom of things. She paused for a moment in front of the door and took a deep breath to steady herself, then called to Hiram, pushing the door with her back.

"The food is ready. Come and eat," she said. She set the tray down at a table. Upon a closer look at the food laid out, it suddenly dawned on her that she had not yet eaten as well. There were two sets of tableware, and she felt the telltale stirring in her stomach. She must not have noticed her hunger from the shock of the events earlier that day.

Hiram, who had been sleeping in the room, was woken by the sounds of the dishes being set on the table. He got up from bed and sniffed the air, then he walked towards Rachel who was busy preparing everything.

Rachel sensed his movements behind her. She finished setting everything up and then took their seats across each other. She handed him a pair of chopsticks and he murmured a small 'thank you' then started eating. Rachel observed him for some time. He looked unconcerned, his attention fully on the food before him. Hiram, noticing that she had barely touched her food, looked up to her when she said, "Honey, enough with the jokes already okay? You got me. I really almost believed you lo

boundaries were set after long discussions. For starters, reporters were now banned from ambushing company personnel in the gates for interviews.

In light of the incident, and to serve as an example, the editor-in-chief and the reporter who were involved in the accident were subjected to legal action. Not only were they fired but they also faced court cases for hit-and-run.

Along with these changes, people also took to the internet to criticize the reporters' misconduct. Forums were filled with censure from netizens saying how reporters lacked the decency for even trying to corner a poor husband who had just found out his wife was cheating on him. After the incident and with all these changes, it seemed that the media would be lying low and halting careless practices, at least for a while.

In RaR.

Rachel opened her eyes as the soft light of morning came streaming gently into their room. She lay in bed for a few moments, wanting to avoid confronting the new day. A lot of things had happened the day before, so she did not feel enthusiastic for the new day at all. Taking a deep breath, she blinked once and sat up, turning over to check on Hiram. He lay with his eyes closed, and she observed the rhythm of his breathing. Like this, there was nothing different about him at all, and it made it all harder to wrap her head around the loss of Hiram's memory. Rachel felt a small relief come to her. In truth, she was not entirely sure if she was prepared to face him again and hear his answers.

She tore her eyes away from his sleeping form and got up to have breakfast. When she was out of the room, she made a phone call to Celine to check on the company's situation.

Celine told her that there was both good news and bad news. The good news was that the reporters had already left. The bad news, on the other hand, was that their business partners had decided to pull out from the contract after the scandal.

Despite the one-sided decision to end the partnership, RaR company did not have too much losses. Their partners felt the brunt of the impact, not only financially, but also on their reputation.

The company was all but wrecked in the public's eyes. It was impossible for it to recover after such a crippling blow.

Rachel sighed, thinking about how her company was going to be out of business very soon.

At that moment, Rachel heard steps behind her and turned to find Hiram walking to her direction.

"Why did you get up so early?

Hiram asked, as he took a glass of water from the table to drink.

Rachel hung up the phone and gingerly stared at him, saying, "Mr. Wolf..."

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