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   Chapter 576 A Car Accident

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 10488

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All of a sudden, an impact had occurred.

The two cars following Hiram crashed into his Maybach almost at the same time.

Since it was a narrow two-lane road up the mountain, Hiram didn't drive very fast. He did not have an idea what had happen.

Because of the strong impact force from the first car that had bumped him, Hiram's car crashed against the protective railing on the right side.

The car went out of control at that moment. Hiram turned the steering wheel to the left as fast as he could to avoid hitting the mountain. Although he had tried his best, the rear of his car still scraped against the mountainside.

The sparks generated by friction were particularly beaming in that rainy night.

An ordinary car would have been crashed on such an impact, but the Maybach had a reputation for good performance. As soon as Hiram quickly drove back to the road, he saw the second car after him went out of control.

The driver of this car seemed frightened by what had just happened and did not know what to do. He merely watched his car rush towards the Maybach.

The driver was the editor. The journalist was sitting on the passenger seat. It was too late when they realized that they had to avoid this accident, not to mention that they were too flustered to figure out which was the accelerator and which was the brake.

Hiram tried his best to get out of the possible mishap. But seeing the car rushing towards him, he suddenly froze with sullen-face.

As a result, Hiram's car got hit and was pushed into the cliff.

At that time, his phone began to ring.

Time seemed to stand still.

Upon seeing this, the editor and the journalist immediately got off the car to look for the Maybach they just crashed into. Both were dumbstruck when they saw the broken car near the cliff.

"Editor…what should we do?!"

asked the journalist in panic as he rubbed his injured head.

"I…I didn't expect this! It would never happen if it were not for the broken brakes!" The editor trembled in fear. He took another look at the car but didn't hear any voice calling for help. He couldn't make sure if the man in the car was safe.

"So…what…what should we do now?" The weather was cold then, but there was sweat on his forehead.

He looked into the cliff and found that it was actually a mountainside. 'He should be safe now, ' he thought.

"Are you injured? Let's take you to the hospital," said the editor in a shaky voice.

"Shouldn't we call the police?" asked the young journalist cowardly.

"I know that! Just let me calm down! Please let me calm down first…!" said the editor as he wiped the sweat on his forehead.

The editor couldn't think of what was best to do. He needed time to think about how to lessen his responsibility since the person he hit was Hiram, rather than an ordinary one.

Meanwhile, in RaR.

Rachel felt something was a bit off regarding Hiram. She tried to call him again and again, but he wouldn't answer. This made her feel more uneasy, so she called up Chad.

"Hello, Chad, do you know where is Hiram now?"

"Hiram? He already went home. I thought he has already a

oring how she looked.

"Dear! You're alive! You woke up! Oh, thank heavens…"

Seeing that Hiram had woken up, Rachel cried with joy as she still fondled Hiram's face.

He looked at Rachel. Hiram found himself unable to speak. So, he just moved slowly and tried to get out of the seat and the airbag.

Chason held Hiram up carefully as soon as he get out.

Shortly after, they heard ambulance sirens.

"Hey! We have a patient here! We need some guys to help us!" Chason asked the medical workers for help loudly.

The emergency crew attended to Hiram's need until he was brought safely to the hospital.

At the hospital, the doctor simply dressed Hiram's wound to stop bleeding, and then he asked Hiram to take an X-ray.

Hardy was not on duty tonight, so it was another doctor who took care of Hiram.

He conducted a general check-up for Hiram. "Thanks to the airbag, there is only slight trauma. Although, his head still needs to be observed because of the series of strikes," said the doctor.

Rachel was relieved when she heard what the doctor had said. Hiram was in good condition. He would just need to recover from the trauma.

Also, the doctor recommended that Hiram must be hospitalized. However, he resisted doing so.

The doctor had no choice but to prescribe medicine for him.

After that, the traffic police came over and asked him some questions about the incident. It did not take long since Hiram needed to rest and no one else was there to witness what had happened.

Afterward, they went back to RaR.

Hiram laid in bed to get some rest while Rachel wiped his body with a warm and wet towel. He couldn't take a shower because there was medicine on his wound.

"How did you get into a car accident? You frightened me to death. Please be careful next time. Don't risk your life again…" Rachel said softly. Then, she took his shirt off and wiped the blood and dust from his back.

Looking at Rachel confusedly, Hiram rubbed his head and asked her while frowning, "Are you my wife?"

Upon hearing this, Rachel was shocked and left speechless.

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