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   Chapter 575 Tailing After Hiram Along Mountain Road

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"Hiram?... Hiram! Wait! Let me drive you home!" Chad asked from behind, as he ran after him.

As Hiram had already opened the door, he looked at Chad who had always been faithful for a while and replied, "Don't worry. I'm okay. It has been two days that you didn't return to your home. You should go now and spend some time with your wife."

For the past years Chad had stuck around him, and that was why many reporters knew him. To avoid any unnecessary troubles, Chad seldom went out of the building in the last two days.

"But, Hiram, there're reporters all around the building. Don't you think it is too risky for you to go out just like that?" Chad asked worriedly.

At such an unusual moment, they'd better be careful. Although Hiram was an outstanding driver, there were numerous reporters waiting outside like wolves for their prey.

Getting in the car decisively, Hiram sat on the driver's seat and put on a pair of sunglasses. Then he responded, "They know my car. It makes no difference, even if you drive, instead me. Relax, I can get rid of them and all I need is just a good timing."

The paparazzi's eyes were as sharp as the hounds'. Moreover, since it was him that they were after, they would go to an extreme to get hold of him. These predators would catch him anyway, regardless of who was driving the car or which car he was taking.

"Okay then, take care, Hiram!" Chad had no other choice, but to agree with him.

On a second thought, Chad also thought it would make no difference even if he was driving. Thus, he just let Hiram go.

Few seconds after, Hiram drove his Maybach out of the underground parking.

Just as he expected, the paparazzi, who were stalking him outside, hurriedly got into their cars and followed right behind his car from the moment they noticed Hiram.

Looking at the rear view mirror, Hiram sneered. Today he got his reasons to drive his Maybach. Firstly, he was pretty sure that he was unable to get away from them; and secondly, this car was famous for its good performances, especially climbing mountains.

The weather forecast said it was going to be a cloudy day, but it began to rain just now.

The night was falling when the three cars were speeding up along the mountain road one after another.

"Boss, I don't think it's a good idea to go after him like that! The mountain road is rough and it can be very dangerous for us to drive so fast in such a rainy night!"

A reporter said worriedly as he was sitting at the passenger's seat, with a camera hanging before his chest.

"No way! Don't you see the car right behind us? They're our peers. Hiram Rong is a legend of H City. If we find out where he lives, we can slip into his house secretly and get the firsthand information before anyone else! It'll be a big shot!" the editor-in-chief responded confidently.

He was fixing his eyes on Hiram's car behind his glasses, with an excited expression on his face.

People all over the country were dying from curiosity, wishing to find out any piece of information for the scandal. If they could take some photos and came up with a good story, it would surely become top news and they would become famous overnight for managing to capture it.

The driver of the car behind them was trying to surpass them, but the editor-in-chief drove their car from side to side so that he could block the whole road and be acting unpredictablely.

All the three cars never compromised and kept on speeding up alon

sped up.

Seeing that they were losing him out of sight, it scrapped along the mountainside to surpass the car ahead of them, regardless of the narrow lane, and caught up right after Hiram's Maybach.

Sometimes people would do stupid things at a heavy cost, just for a small and insignificant prize. The reporters in both cars were used to stalking stars or celebrities, and thought that they would get what they wanted to, as long as they tried their best.

Whenever there was a rival, it would grow in intensity and then the whole thing would be changed completely, as they felt wronged and acted rashly.

This was the kind of people who would rather risk their own life, than lose.

When the editor-in-chief saw their peers surpassed them, regardless of the impeding danger, he put his feet down on the accelerator until the engine roared like a wild animal, and the car leaped ahead crazily.

As they passed by, the reporter in the other vehicle opened the car's window to gave them finger, in the offensive way.

"Boss, please slow down! It's too slippery! Please, watch out!" the report in passenger's seat shouted in panic.

His heart was bouncing wildly inside his chest, as if it would jump out the next second.

"Shut up! Stop talking bullshit! We've been following him up to here all the way! If they got Hiram Rong ahead of us, we'll lose our positions in the media business!" the editor-in-chief hissed.

So instead of giving up, he pressed the gas pedal.

As Hiram noticed their competition from his rear view mirror, he furrowed his eyebrows.

"Are you going to kill yourself? Stupid!" he snorted.

He decided not to play around with them, and then he swerved sharply, heading to the top of the mountain.

A few miles ahead, it was the dividing line of the West Mountain District. He had wished to keep them from their castle, but now it seemed that they would never give up on him.

In a split second, Hiram widened his eyes at the rear view mirror and cursed in his mind.

The last car, seemed as though the driver had lost its control, went directly into the car ahead at full speed.

At the same time, he heard a loud bang behind.

As hit by the car from behind, the car in the middle couldn't stop instantly, out of inertia, it flew straight toward Hiram's car ahead!

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