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   Chapter 574 Who's The Father

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Days have already passed, Rachel still found herself trampling on eggs. No matter what she did, even when she turned on her mobile phone, news about her were still everywhere. Everyone denominated her as a bitch, a water-borne poplar, and a woman who did not deserve a man as good as Hiram.

The news that was going around included two pictures. One was a warm scene of her and Hiram attending a charity dinner in the past. It showed Hiram in his knees helping Rachel tie her shoelaces. The other, in contrast, was a photo of her and Marcus kissing. But the truth was, not everybody knew, that she was forced to be kissed.

Unfortunately, it was just a picture. It was so evident that they had done it. For everyone, it was merely a fixed picture of a certain scene which could not tell the truth that she was actually struggling to resist the kiss.

Even if the people who were there knew that she was just forced to do it, they would still choose to think it was all her fault.

To her dismay, the public only thought what the picture showed. Nobody even bothered to know what the truth was. They only saw what they wanted to see and judged based on what the majority kept on saying.

Despite all the stress the rumors had caused her, Rachel tried to convince herself that all of it would just be over soon. She thought that she was not a public figure. Such news would probably last a few days and would eventually be forgotten. However, it seemed that the influence of the matter was far greater than what she had imagined.

Meanwhile, Celine kept sending her messages, one after another...

"Rachel, the company had to close temporarily for two days. Every day, journalists would come to harass us. It has seriously affected our daily work. So, I resorted to giving them a holiday first. I could not have our employees be affected by the situation."

"Rachel, you have to be strong. I hope that no matter what happens, you stay strong!"

Uncertain as she was, Rachel just looked at the screen of her mobile. She had no idea what to say or do. She looked out of the window and noticed that the day was about to end. It seemed nothing had changed. Despite the dreadful situation, the sunset on the horizon still looked beautiful and graceful.

It resembled that no matter what had happened, nothing and no one could change its beauty.

Journalists stayed at the entrance of Streams Company and the Tulip Palace for almost 24 hours. On the other hand, Hiram was followed by reporters no matter where he went. This hindered him from going home for the past two days.

"Madam, Mr. Rong just called and said that Carl will pick you up later and take you to the West Mountain District for a stay. He said that it would help you relax until the storm calms down," said Emma.

Rachel simply nodded while she remained seated on the couch. Emma kept observing her and noticed that she seemed to be out of heart these

cial appointment with each other.

I have already done my investigation. They were not alone that day. According to the construction team who was there, Marcus' face was swollen when he came out. He was probably beaten up. So I think the matter was quite obvious."

He grew very angry as he spoke which made he take a puff of the cigarette again.

Rachel was forced to be kissed at that time. And that was why she beat him back.

Since it was not her own will to kiss, Hiram was too mad for her because he didn't want her to be blamed and take all the responsibility of that.

"The photographs were taken on purpose. Since people tended to make an issue out of these sort things, it finally came to this point. And Dad, the reason why I explained to you all these details is that I hope you won't come here again to question me for that."

After Gavin heard that, he nodded his head and replied, "So that's it. At least now I know the truth behind all those rumors."

He sighed a relief and continued, "Since it is a matter between the two of you, I'll leave you to handle it yourself. I won't interfere with this anymore."

He thought he had suffered a lot more than this when he was young. If the matter was just like what Hiram had explained, he realized that it was not complicated at all. It was only over-reported by the media.

For him, as long as Hiram and Rachel were fine, he thought that nothing could ever get worse. It was the most important thing.

After Gavin left, Hiram put out the cigarette in the ashtray. He rubbed his eyebrows and gave Carl a call. When he knew that Rachel had arrived at RaR, he stood up.

"Ben, put off all my schedules that are not so important in the coming days. If there are any important or urgent documents, send them to the Western Mountain Castle for me," Hiram said.

Hiram said to Ben before he left the office. Then, he directly walked to the elevator with his coat on his hand.

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