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   Chapter 573 All Fates Are Arranged By The God

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"Next life? Aren't you fed up with living with the same woman then?" Rachel asked.

"I don't think so. You never know what is waiting for you in your life. Maybe I'll be a different 'me' next life, and you'll be a different 'you'. At that time, it'll be a totally different experience and I don't think that we can get bored with each other." Hiram described the pictures vividly as if he had seen it with his own eyes.

Cuddled in his warm arms and his magnetic voice, Rachel closed her eyes with a smile on her face.

She wished that time would stop at this moment, freezing Hiram and her like this forever.

There was neither chaos nor troubles around, no disturbances from the outer world, it was just two of them cuddling together forever.

However, people always get the opposite of what they wish for.

God makes his own plans.

Hiram had thought that he had settled the 'photo incident' once and for all, but it just swung round and caught him off-guard. The aftermath gave Rachel a fatal blow without warning.

It was really a fatal blow for her.

"Rachel? Can you hear me? Did you watch the news just now? It said that the wife of some business magnate cheated on him. I wonder if they were talking about you?" Celine spoke hastily over the phone.

Rachel was watering the flowers in the courtyard of Tulip Palace when she received the call from Celine.

"What news? What happened?" she asked curiously. She was not an avid follower of the news: neither print nor digital. Especially now, that she was pregnant she made sure to keep herself away from all electronic gadgets. Thus, she was oblivious to the happenings of the outside world.

She had led a simple and happy life for the past few days, far from din and stress, and spent most of her time with Jonny and Joyce.

Fannie, who kept updated with current affairs, had gone back to XH Village to celebrate the fair at the temple and was yet to return.

"Oh, my God! You had better see for yourself. It is too complicated for me to explain in a few words. It has spread across the Internet and even people affiliated to our company are talking about it now!" Celine said hurriedly.

She was not quite sure whether it was Rachel or not because the photos were blurry. Regardless, she had called Rachel immediately to inform her about it.

Hopefully, it was not Rachel. But if it was, Rachel had better find a way to settle the matter as soon as possible.

Hearing the anxiety in Celine's voice, Rachel put the spray bottle aside, turned around and rushed into the living room. She turned on the TV as soon as she could.

When she saw the report on the entertainment channel, Rachel's heart froze. The TV remote slipped from her hand and landed on the floor.

"According to the source, the woman in the photos is the wife of the president of a leading multinational enterprise, and the other man involved is also another prominent entrepreneur. The who

going on!" she whispered on the phone.

Hiram paused for a moment and replied,"Honey, I've known about the existence of these photos for a long time and I could easily see that you were being forced by him. I thought I have settled the matter and the photos would disappear forever, but today..."

He took a long sigh on the other side. He was wondering where it all went wrong. Marcus had promised that he would destroy all the soft copies but how did they get released to the public now?

"What are you saying, Hiram?" Rachel asked, almost choking on her words. 'How could Hiram know about it?' she was totally confused.

"Yes, I knew about it but I swear I had them destroyed! I just don't know where it went wrong,"

he comforted her in a low voice,"Honey, relax! Just remember that I believe you. It won't change my love for you and nothing can shake our relationship. I'll be with you, no matter what happens."

After that night, Marcus had moved away from Tulip Palace and Hiram knew that this was Marcus upholding his part of the agreement.

He had felt that things had finally come to a close.

But who brought these photos to light again? He had to look into it again and this time he would show no mercy.

"Hiram, I...I..."

Rachel wanted to explain everything to Hiram but she didn't know where to start. She felt as if an actual fishbone had lodged itself into her throat, and she was depriving her of words. The pain was relentless but there was nothing she could do about it.

"Don't panic, honey! I'm there with you as always," Hiram said warmly.

His assuring voice alleviated the burden on her mind and gave her a ray of hope.

After she hung up, she struggled to her feet and inched towards the bedroom on her numb legs.

Soon it was time to pick up the kids from kindergarten. She had planned to go to the kindergarten herself but asked Emma to go instead when she remembered what Hiram said to her in the morning.

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