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   Chapter 572 Celine Got Married

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"Did you go out?" enquired Rachel.

As soon as Hiram came back, he saw Rachel protected in her coat, waiting for him in front of the gate.

By the time Rachel woke up, she could not find Hiram. He was neither in the bedroom nor in his study room. And she could not fall asleep again, so she decided to call him to check where he was. Just before she was about to call, she heard the horn sound of the car in the parking lot.

"There was an urgent issue, which had to be looked into. So I went out." he answered. Hiram moved up the steps and then gripped Rachel's shoulder. They walked into the house together.

"Was it? What was so important that you had to go out that early?" Rachel asked. Rachel was bewildered as it was 2 o'clock in the morning. Normally, he had never gone out this early.

Hiram cuddled her and carried her upstairs. Rachel had no idea on this matter at all. Hiram had hidden it from her. Hiram refrained from telling her as he felt it would only increase her stress.

Hiram hoped it would go smoothly without causing any distress to her.

She had been suffered too much recently. He protected her in a way that she won't be hurt by anything or anyone else.

"Something critical happened in the America. They needed to have a video conference. So I had to take a temporary trip back to the company. I hope you are aware about the time difference between them and us," said Hiram.

They walked directly to their bedroom. As soon as they arrived, Hiram helped Rachel to get rid off her coat as well as his to hit the bed.

"Oh, I see," replied Rachel. She did not raise more questions but lightly squeezed his waist and said in a gently tone, "My dear husband, you must be exhausted after working so hard."

Hiram smoothed her face, grabbed her in his arms, and heaved a long sigh of relief. "Okay, it's still early. Let's go back to bed," he said.

Time flied so fast.

Another month passed in a twinkling of an eye.

The wedding celebration of Hardy and Celine was held in RaR castle. It was a lively wedding, not only sizzling but also romantic.

Celine's family was a conservative family. After performing formal rituals by the bride and groom as their old custom, there was still more pranks to play. Chad and Carl combined with other brothers from the Rong family had thought of a lot of tricks to 'torture' the couple. They hung apples for them to eat and forced the couple to exchange clothes.

For those tricks, Celine could handle it well. She was a casual girl basically. No trick could embarrass her. But, Hardy was diffident and timid. He was really tortured by those tricks.

By the time the wedding was over, Rachel was exhausted. Although the parents of the bride and gr

ling but the tears were rolling down her cheeks.

"You have always been an inspiration for me. And I hope you will always make me applaud you in the future. Today is my wedding day! I wish I could reciprocate some happiness to you. I hope you both grow old and live happily together eternally!" Celine continued.

After that, she emptied the cup with one gulp, as if to dispose every sadness and unlucky things of the past, at once.

The next day when the sun raised, it would be the beginning to a new life.

"Celine, thank you so much!" Rachel said.

She was so impressed with Celine. She was so drunk but still wished her the best. "I also wish you and Hardy grow old and live happily together ever after. I wish you the same heartily!

Hardy, I hope that in the future, you would treat Celine well. Be patient to her flaws, and never ever dismiss her hand for a lifetime, " Rachel said.

After that, she emptied the cup with one gulp.

Hardy also emptied the cup with one gulp, holding Celine's hand and said, "Sister in law, don't worry. It is my fortune to meet Celine. I will take care of her well throughout my life and make her happy always!"

As the newly wed couple left, the noisy room turned back into a tranquil one.

Hiram lowered to hug Rachel up. He put her gently on the bed, looking at her lovingly.

"My dear wife," Hiram called her.

Then he bent down to smooch her.

Rachel also embraced his neck and replied, "Em," with a alluring smile on her face.

"My dear, I want to hug you like this forever. I want to hug you for my lifetime," Hiram said.

"Oh? What about the next life?" she asked.

Hiram could not stop but busted out laughing. He pinched the tip of her nose. "No matter who you become in the next life, I will find you and still make you my wife," he said.

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