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   Chapter 571 Stay Away From My Wife

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That same night, sleep also evaded Hiram in Tulip Palace.

He lay noiselessly beside Rachel on the bed, and was content to listen to the rhythmic rise and fall of her breath.

He closed his eyes and let the sounds wash over him, wishing nothing more for a moment but to be with her like that the rest of his life.

He glanced at her face in the dark, taking in whatever the darkness had granted him. He was able to make out the outline of her cheeks and the soft curve of her lips. After a moment, he stood up and slipped out of their bedroom without a sound.

Chad's voice called out to him in a whisper the moment he was outside the room. "Hiram," he heard him say. He had been standing outside for a while, waiting for Hiram.

Closing the door behind him, Hiram threw his coat over his shoulders and the two men walked down the stairs hurriedly.

"I've blocked the signal in the entire building. If my calculations are correct, it should be impossible for that woman to upload the photos online now, no matter how hard she tries," Chad reported their progress without delay, keeping up with Hiram's pace as they walked. "And I've informed Mathew Li," he added.

Hiram walked out of the house in quick and steady strides and headed straight to his car.

Chad got behind him and continued, "Mathew has sent his men to guard her. They have already booked the tickets as well. She will leave for England early next morning."

Hiram listened wordlessly as Chad updated him on how things were coming along. He had let Mathew Li off the hook last time, thinking that he could be of use one day, but they didn't expect that they would be able to use him this quickly.

Killing him was as easy as crushing an ant, but Hiram thought it would be better to wait for a proper opportunity to put him to work to their advantage. He was right. At such times as tonight, he had proven to be beneficial.

If Matthew was still on Flora's side, he wouldn't have taken steps to send her away so quickly.

"Let's go," Hiram said in a quick and firm voice.

He glanced at his watch and furrowed his eyebrows. It was about time.

Inside her apartment, Flora paced around her room, ruffling her hair with both hands and letting out one frustrated breath after another.

She was determined to upload those photos online, as if that was the last thing she would do before she left, but she couldn't access the Internet. She tried different devices: her laptop, her tablet computer, and even her cell phone, but none of them worked.

This was a final desperate attempt. She wanted Hiram to remember her in the rest of his life, even if it was because of hatred.

The moment the public saw those photos, Rachel would be forced out of the city, and she would never be able to stand side by side with Hiram again. This single thought was the only thing that fueled her.

'I can't leave like this! I have to find a way to upload those damned photos!' she thought and cursed inwardly.

She continued pacing back and forth, biting her fingernails and staring intently at her phone with her other hand. At that moment, she jumped at a knock on the door, yanking herself out of her disheveled thoughts.

Thinking that it might be her father again, she quickly put away the photos under a table cloth. Then, smoothing over her hair and clothes, she turned to open the door.

To her surprise, it was Marcus on the other side of the door. She felt her chest swell with panic. In a breathy voice, she asked, "What are you doing here, Marcus?"

He cast a quick glance at the two men at the door, and walked inside.

"Your father called me and asked me to talk to you," Marcus replied emotionlessly as he closed the door behind him.

He had only occasionally met Matthew for a few times—all of these instances tangential, but it turned out that Matthew knew that he ha

doing, Marcus? Stop it!" Flora yelled, trying to stand on her feet.

Before she could reach him, he threw the laptop down on the floor. There was a resounding crash at it breaking into small pieces.

Flora was stopped in her tracks as she watched the pieces scatter. Marcus pushed past her and threw her tablet computer next, then her phone and all other electronics he could find. He stomped on them, making sure it was impossible for her to restore the hard disks. When everything was done, he heaved a long breath of relief and turned to look at her, his anger returning at the sight of her.

"I will tell you now, Flora. Yes, I like her and I won't let you hurt her in anyway if I can prevent it!"

Marcus exclaimed.

"But even putting that aside, I came here today to stop you from ruining yourself. Only by destroying all these, can you be saved from your foolishness! You should know when to stop," he finished.

Flora slumped down on the floor and stared at the broken parts strewn all over the floor. She couldn't move, and she felt as if all he strength had left her.

Finishing his words, Marcus felt that he had done all that he needed to do.

He looked at the mess with relief. Casting one last glance at Flora, he straightened his clothes and headed to the door.

Outside, he saw Hiram's Maybach.

It came to a halt right in front of the building, and its doors opened to reveal Hiram himself as he got off the car.

Marcus heaved a sigh and started towards Hiram, taking the photos out of his pockets. He stood in his way in front of him and passed the photos to him, saying, "All of the photos are here, and the soft copies have been destroyed."

Hiram took them from him and handed them over to Chad, who was right behind him. His eyes fixed on Marcus all the time.

In one split second, Marcus felt a fist land on his face.

Caught off-guard by the sudden motion, Marcus was knocked down on the ground. He let out a cough and it took some time before he came to himself. There was a metallic taste in his mouth, and he wiped the blood from this lips with the sleeve of his shirt. Then, he got up and stood straight in front of Hiram again.

"I'm sorry..." he murmured weakly as looked him in the eyes.

Hiram gritted his teeth against the fury that burned inside him, and closed his lips in a tight line. He reached out and took Marcus by the collar.

"This is my final warning. Stay away from my wife!" he squeezed through his teeth.

Then, he turned around and walked to his car, his heavy footsteps resounding in the pavement.

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