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   Chapter 570 I Didn't Have A Daughter Like You

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It was already late that evening.

Hiram kept knocking the bedroom door but Rachel refused to open it.

"Sweetie, please open the door! Let me explain to you! Just open this door!"

He continued knocking on the door for a while until it was opened. He pushed the door at once. Upon entering, he was shocked at what he saw.

He noticed that the room was dark, and no lights were turned on. Rachel, with disheveled hair, restrained her eyes from looking. She turned away from Hiram and did not look at him when he entered.

Hiram's stomach twisted uneasily. He immediately stepped forward and pulled his wife into his arms tightly. "Honey, please don't be like this, okay? I don't want to see you like this. Trust me. I'm just having difficulties..."

"Difficulties? Well, tell me. Fill me in,"

Rachel said indifferently, out of her wits. On the other hand, she comforted herself by trying to reason it out for Hiram.

She knew that her husband was not mercurial. Everything seemed as usual as yesterday. But how come he suddenly treated her like this today? What had happened?

What on earth could have happened?

Hiram honestly wanted to tell her. But when the words were on the tip of his tongue, he stopped. He couldn't hurt her. So he just closed his eyes, sighed, and said, "Rach, tell me, what's your decision about going abroad?"

After hearing what he had said, she squinted as she tried to believe what was happening. She waited for his explanation. But his response surprised her. She didn't expect what he just said.

"I won't go abroad. Why should I?" Rachel stared at him, and tears started to fill her eyes. "Hiram, could you tell me the truth? Are you having an affair with Flora?

You want me to go abroad because of her? You wantme to leave so you and that woman could live freely together? Am I right?"

Rachel seized him by arm, glared at him and waited for his answer.

After a short silence, Hiram replied, "No."

Rachel shook her head and felt confused. "I don't think you do. But what was that? Can you tell me what I saw was wrong? Why do I feel this way about both of you? Tell me! Prove to me that this is all wrong!

Why do I feel that you and Flora are getting more intimate? You are more than just..."

Rachel stopped. She didn't want to continue. She, then, put her hair at the back of her ears. Suddenly, tears started to flow down from her eyes. "Or is it because you're still mad at me? You still doubt that there's something between Marcus and me so you'd gotten close to Flora on purpose?

Or is it


No, she was definitely not. She knew that since she met that man, she had been changed. She was not as confident and proud as she used to be.

"Let me tell you clearly that there is no room to regret! It's a set decision! No matter what happens, it's set that you and Adrian are flying to Britain tomorrow morning!"

Mathew said furiously. He couldn't spoil his daughter any longer. If he wouldn't stop her, she would definitely be destroyed.

"I didn't expect that we will get to this point. But, your house will be guarded tonight. You can't go anywhere. Stay here and take one night to think it over,"

he said furiously. After that, Mathew walked out and slammed the door.

Having no clue at all on what else to do, Flora collapsed onto the floor.

After a while, she seemed to remember something. So she took her phone and kept dialing Hiram's number.

She tried and tried but she could not reach him. It would be the last night for her. She knew it clearly. She only wished she would meet Hiram one more time!

"Sorry, the subscriber you are calling is currently unattended or out of coverage area, please call again later... Sorry, the subscriber you are calling is currently unattended or out of coverage area, please call again later..."

She dialed the number again and again but what she heard was the same voice prompt that the phone was off.

The voice was like a cold sting that stabbed her heart time and time again.

'Hiram, don't blame me. This is all your fault! You left me with no choice!'

Flora slowly closed her eyes. She seemed to have made some decision. A weird and cold grin appeared on her lips when she turned her gaze to the photos on the table.

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