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   Chapter 569 End In Notoriety

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"No, no. Stop. I can do it by myself…"

said Rachel and looked at Hiram with a smile. "Be careful. Don't hurt my baby, okay?"

Fixing his eyes on the gorgeous seductress before him, Hiram swallowed unconsciously. "I won't."

The next morning, Rachel accompanied Celine to try on wedding dresses.

After trying on dresses all morning, Celine finally selected a strapless wedding dress, which curved beautifully around her perfect body. As she said, she could wear whatever she wanted on her wedding day since people wouldn't judge a bride on her sex appeal.

It was already time to eat lunch by the time Celine made her decision. They went to a restaurant nearby.

"Well, there is a saying that a married woman can't play the role of bridesmaid, otherwise you would have been mine. What a pity…"

said Celine with a sigh.

"It's okay. Jonny and Joyce will be your flower kids." Rachel smiled warmly. It was a very welcome sight for the fraternal twins to appear as flowers kids at a wedding.

"Ha-ha. Of course, I need them!" replied Celine happily with rice in her mouth, "I can ask the two new girls at our company to be my bridesmaids and Hardy will find his groomsmen."

"I have to recommend Carl to Hardy," said Rachel. Carl was still single, which made Rachel worry about him.

Even a low EQ man like Hardy could get married, but Carl seemed to be in no hurry.

'Although he is only four or five years younger than Hiram, it is about time to develop a relationship now, ' thought Rachel.

"Carl? Okay, I will tell Hardy. Come on! We should eat quickly. We still have things to deal with at the Company," said Celine when she saw that all the dishes they had ordered were served on the table.

After the lunch, Rachel was ready to call for the check but Celine stood up and went to the cash desk to save time.

Rachel took her coat and was waiting for Celine when she saw a man come out from another room.

Rachel was surprised when she saw that it was Hiram who came out.

"Hiram? Are you here for lunch too?" asked Rachel as she flitted happil

ldn't hide his anger anymore.

"Flora, you just crossed the line," said Hiram in a cold voice.

"Do you regret it?" replied Flora with a smile. "I know you couldn't bear to hurt her. What about me? Do you care for any of my feelings when you defend her before me every time?

My feelings are as hurt as Rachel's. No, the pain I suffer is far beyond hers."

Hiram shook Flora's hand off him and sneered, "She is my wife. Of course, I shouldn't disappoint her."

"Ha-ha," laughed Flora as she shook her head, "Hiram, I've changed my mind."

Hiram looked at her and waited for her to continue.

"I will get nothing if I still seek your compromise. Let's make a quick decision… Come to my home tonight," whispered Flora as she stood on tiptoe, "Stay with me for the night. Then you can take all the photos away and I will never bother again after tonight.

What do you say?"

Hiram puckered his brows as he heard Flora's terms. Looking at Hiram, Flora continued with a warm smile, "Why do you look so distressed? It is me who will suffer loss, not you.

As long as you promise to do this, I will keep my word…"

Hiram stepped back to keep a distance from her. "You will never get that promise," shouted Hiram angrily and turned to leave.

Seeing Hiram leave, Flora let her words follow him, "Hiram! Think about it carefully! Rachel will be notorious after tonight!"

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