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   Chapter 568 A Genius Father Begets A Genius Son

Happy Together By Vegetable Characters: 8898

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"Finally, you're back!"

Rachel walked towards him the moment she saw him.

Hiram first bent down and picked up Jonny and Joyce, who ran to him, and then he looked at her with a smile, "Hmm, did you have your dinner?"

"Not yet, dinner was ready a long moment ago but they wanted to have dinner with you," Rachel replied smilingly and took Joyce from him. "Come on, Joyce. Go and put away your books. Let's have dinner first."

At the same time, Jonny also slipped down from his father's shoulder and ran to collect his books.

Hiram looked around but didn't see Fannie. Then he turned to Rachel and asked, "Where is Fannie?"

"Oh, I forgot to tell you. Uncle George passed away yesterday and she went to attend his funeral at XH Village," she responded and then ushered the kids out to wash their hands.

Later, all four of them took their seats at the dining table and enjoyed their dinner happily.

Joyce was a scatterbrained child and would always play with her toys or play with anything she could find during dinner; whereas, Jonny was more focused and would only think of doing other things after eating.

"Mommy, we had an exam today, and I was second in the class!" exclaimed little Joyce, looking very pleased with herself.

"Oh, really? You got the second! Awesome! Here, Mommy will give you the juiciest chicken leg as a reward!" Rachel commended her daughter with a laugh as she took a chicken leg with her chopsticks and put it on her plate.

Joyce looked at their father expectantly and asked, "Daddy, will you give me a reward too?"

Hiram pinched her rosy face and replied in his softest voice, "Of course! You can tell me what reward you want."

Joyce wrinkled her face and thought hard for a while. Then she rolled her eyes and asked, "Daddy, I want to sleep in your bedroom tonight, can I?"

"Ha, Ha…" Hiram chortled with laughter and nodded his head, "Okay, I accept!"

"Oh, yes! I can sleep on the same bed with Daddy today! I love you, Daddy!" Joyce exclaimed cheerfully, clapping her hands.

Rachel glanced at little Jonny, whose head was buried in eating, and tried to cheer him up, "It's alright, Jonny! You'll do better next time, I trust you!"

She thought that he was unhappy because he didn't get as good a score as Joyce.

After all, both of them were younger than the average age of their class, and it was great enough that they could keep pace with the courses, let alone top the class.

"God, Mommy! Jonny does not need to do better because he is the first! He is at the top of all the classes!" grumbled Joyce and cast a sidelong glance at Jonny.

Rachel looked at her son in amazement and a

fell asleep. Before Rachel came to move her aside, Hiram took a quilt and wrapped it around his daughter, who had taken off her clothes. Then he carried her back to her bedroom.

"What are you doing? You've promised to let her sleep with us. Aren't you worried that she will be angry tomorrow morning?"

asked Rachel, who was sitting on the bed, when Hiram returned.

"No, I am not because I wake up earlier than her," he replied as he took off his shirt and got into the bed.

It would make no difference as long as Joyce would see him when she opened her eyes the next morning.

Rachel snuggled against Hiram with her arms around his waist and said, emotionally, "Honey, I feel I have given birth to a genius and now I am surer of that."

Hiram snorted disapprovingly, "That's because his father is a genius."

Rachel burst into laughter and raised her head to look at him, "You really have no modesty at all! Why don't you wait for me to praise you?" Then Rachel narrowed her eyes and continued, "And are you trying to imply that my son's intelligence has nothing to do with me?"

"No, I didn't say that," he responded promptly. Hiram gazed at the woman in his arms and lowered his head to kiss her red lips and said, "You're their mother and they inherit your good heart. That is the core of a human being. Only if they have a good nature will they truly become intelligent people.

Even though it's said that humans are kind by nature, but some virtues are engraved in their bones and in their blood.

Suddenly, Rachel let out a laugh as she felt Hiram tickle her neck with his chin. She pushed him away and asked, "What are you doing, Hiram?"

"You tell me!" Hiram whispered in her ear and took her hands away from her chest, narrowing his eyes.

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