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   Chapter 567 Don't Insult My Wife

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"Today has been the first time that you have so easily agreed to go out with me." said Flora. She looked bitterly at Hiram sitting opposite her.

"Were it not for the photos that I have on Rachel, would you have even met with me?"

She knew the answer but asked deliberately so as to be able to enjoy even the slightest share of her fantasy.

Hiram calmly took a sip of his black coffee. There was not even the slightest bit of emotion in his eyes. "Maybe I will." He answered calmly.

Flora was speechless for a moment. Then she asked, "Really? You mean you will?" Hiram's answer was beyond Flora's expectations, she could not stop the instant happiness that appeared on her face.

The next moment, she heard his reluctant voice saying, "Isn't that the answer you are looking for? You are only asking me out to comfort the mind of your existence, aren't you?"

Flora's face went pale. She held the coffee cup tightly and said, "I'm transparent in front of you. You are always able to see what I'm thinking so easily.

But can you show me at least some kindness? Please don't embarrass me."

Hiram took another sip of his coffee and then put the cup on the table. He passed a smile on his face and said, "Embarrass you? Don't you know that when you show those photos to the public, you will humiliate me the most?"

The wife of Mr. Rong, the daughter-in-law of Streams Company, secretly dated another man. Even if she wasn't cheating, people would still tend to believe it was true.

"What would I have felt? The sympathy of the public or absolute ignominy?"

"Hiram, why would you blame everything on me? I didn't force Rachel to date Marcus. They have been hanging around each other for so long and you weren't willing to believe it." said Flora.

She took a deep breath, her fingers clutched the coffee cup so tightly that they turned white.

"Think about it. Why would Marcus be so enchanted with her, even now, if it wasn't for Rachel trying to seduce him?

I know Marcus well. He is a man of strong principles. If Rachel had not seduced him, he would not have pursued her at all!"

The next second, Hiram smashed his coffee cup with a loud bang, his coffee spilling all over the table.

"Flora, I warn you. Rachel is my wife. She is the woman I love. You had better not talk nonsense about her in front of me." Hiram growled in a low voice.

He hated smart-mouthed people. He knew Rachel very well, who she was, what she did and how she

m's arm just as he was about to get in the car. Then she said, "If you take me to a certain place, then I will prove my sincerity to you there."

Hiram had no hopes from Flora but agreed to her claims. They drove to a riverside spot where water stormed past day and night.

Standing on the banks, Flora threw her phone into the river. Then she turned to Hiram and said, "Hiram, all those photos were on that phone. I have not uploaded them to the internet. But, there is still one copy which I have printed out. I have it in my home. And that's the only copy left.

If you agree to my terms, then I promise, I will tear them to pieces with my own hands.

Now, do you see my sincerity?"

Flora then took a step forward, leaned lightly on Hiram's chest and continued, "I have gone to great lengths for you. I don't ask much from you except that you show me some kindness for once. Can you?"

Hiram, whose eyes were still fixed on the river, said, "Didn't you say you wanted to take a walk? Let's go."

Hearing that Flora wiped the tears from her eyes, and then fell into step behind him.

At Tulip Palace, Rachel was helping the children with their homework in the living room. Looking at the time, she found that it was almost eight o'clock. Normally, Hiram would be home by seven or eight.

It was almost 8 o'clock and he was not home yet, neither had he called to inform about her about his delay. Was he still busy?

Just as she began to get a little edgy, she heard the familiar parking sound of the Maybach outside. She smiled and walked out.

The two kids also put down the pens and rushed out screaming, "Daddy! Daddy!"

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