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   Chapter 566 An Abrupt Decision

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After cleaning the kitchen, Rachel went out to join him, only to find out that he looked upset. So she asked directly, "What's this all about, honey? Why are you looking at me like that? Is there something wrong?"

Thinking it could be about her looks, instinctively she touched her face with both hands, but failed to find anything.

A second after, he hung up his phone and fixed his eyes on her, with a huge smile on his face. Hastily he put a lot of effort to conceal the anxiety in his eyes. Then he walked to her. While holding her hands to help her down the stairs, Hiram said softly, "Nothing, let's take a quick walk around."

The sunshine this afternoon was warm, but not dazzling.

Hand in hand, they wandered along their beautiful park-like castle, listening to the gurgling water in the pond at the center. Since this was their very own private mansion, there were no other people around, except for themselves and their servants. Moreover, it was so quiet that Rachel thought even the time stood still here.

This whole magical atmosphere helped her feel deeply relieved from the bottom of her heart and soul.

Even though, most of the gardens were designed by her, every time she walked inside them, it was a new, different and astonishing experience for her. She kept getting surprises—one after another—especially when she saw the drawings on her computer come alive before her eyes.

The construction had been completed long ago. Right now everything was flowing nicely and organized even to the tiniest flower. Busy gardeners were working everywhere—removing weeds, hosing lawns or pruning trees. Every once in a while, she could take in Chason, who was engaged with all the matters here.

"Hiram, since Jonny and Joyce have to go to kindergarten from Monday to Friday, for now it's impossible for us to live here all the time. How about renting the place? On the other hand, we can also construct some recreational facilities. Then we could get to spend some time here occasionally. Besides, it can provide us with additional income," Rachel put forward her suggestion.

At the moment, that magnificent huge castle was all hers and it was such a waste, because she was unable to stay there and enjoy it every day.

"No, bad idea, darling! This is a special gift from me, plus we can afford to leave it idle. I think it is totally inappropriate to let hundreds of people visit here every day. This would totally change the energy and vibe of our unique place. Forget it!" Hiram declined directly, without even thinking for a second.

Pouting her pretty lips, Rachel wondered for a while and then concluded to herself that it must be very different to be born into a rich family. Certainly, it was unlike anything she had seen and experienced, growing up in a normal middle class, without the benefit of having loads of opportunities at her fingertips.

Still holding hands, they were walking leisurely on a lane with linden trees, beautifully lined up on both sides, providing them with the sensation of protection and sacred sanctuary only for the two of them. It was really seldom for Hiram to have free time to devote to a walk with her. So right now, Rachel felt blissfully happy and even if she died that very minute, she would have nothing to regret for.

"Honey, lately I'm thinking of sending the kid

have got enough time," Celine said. Sighing with the mixed feelings of both excitement and worry, she continued, "Rachel, I think I'm suffering from marriage phobia. You know so well that before I have been very eager and impatient to get married. But now, when my wedding is fast approaching, I'm so upset that I can't even sleep at night."

In that moment Rachel finished working on her drawing and put it away inside the folder. She stood up, came over to Celine and sat beside her. Holding her friend's hands, she said with a warm smile, "It's normal and not a big deal. Look, you've been alone for so many years and it's normal to feel a bit strange right before getting married, becoming somebody's wife, and living together with that special man."

Taking a deep liberating breath, Celine responded in relief, "But I'm looking forward to marrying Hardy. He's such a nice person and an experienced doctor. I believe that he will be a great husband and a good father as well. After all, I'm so happy that my life is stepping into a new, inspiring chapter!"

"That's right! Be happy, pretty bride! Cheer up!" Rachel blessed her dear friend warmly. At this very moment, her phone rang out. She let go of Celine's hands and stood up to answer it.

"Mom, what's up?" she asked.

It was Fannie.

"Rachel, George passed away last night. I need to go back to XH Village right now," Fannie explained the reason for her call.

After a short pause, Rachel replied, "Okay, I see. I'll call Carl to drive you back. Mom, please take care!"

Then she hung up and sighed deeply, thinking that the matters of the world were always so inconstant and unpredictable. After that she noticed it was half past four, and since Fannie had to leave now, she needed to pick up the kids herself.

They got servants available at home, but she was reluctant to let them pick up Jonny and Joyce.

After Rachel made an appointment with Celine to go to the wedding dress shop tomorrow, she left her office and went back to the Tulip Palace.

On the other side of the city, in a quiet section of a café, a man and a woman were sitting face to face with each other.

Bathed in soft music ambient, everything looked wonderfully magical.

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