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   Chapter 565 Harming Rachel Is Like Harming Me

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"I know nothing about cooking, except for this fish. Thus, please don't expect more from me!" Hiram said genuinely and glanced at her with a smile. Then he cleaned other vegetables for her.

He was not efficient in these works, and he was too engaged to undertake household chores every day.

He had learned cooking when he was studying abroad. Things were different abroad. When the maids, who were managed by his parents to cook and clean the house for him, took a few days off, then he had to prepare one or two meals by himself.

Rachel stood by his side staring, lost in thought for a moment, and then busted into laughter. She was not amused that Hiram could cook, but was gazing at him abstractly because he looked more appealing while cooking.

"No, you have surprised me a lot. I'm impressed, honey! Please leave the rest to me!" she said with a grin on her face.

She moved to another oven and began cooking other dishes.

Finally they got four dishes, one fish and one soup for lunch. Because there were only two of them, the portion of each dish was moderated. It was enough for them, and wouldn't be wasted.

Hiram was rather liberal today. Usually, all his meals were proportioned. But today he almost finished all the dishes on the table.

Immediately after lunch, Hiram received a call from Chad.

"Hiram, someone shared some photos with the journalists just now anonymously, and I stopped them from disclosing them. But I'm afraid that they will be revealed to other medias again, shortly. Do you have any idea?" Chad justified the reason he called urgently.

He was pretty sure that it would put the cat among the canaries, as long as the extensive public saw these photos. Thus, he called to inform Hiram firstly.

"Photos?" Hiram asked bemusing with a frown. He thought for a moment and his bright eyes were darkened, "Are those Rachel's photos?"

Chad delayed for a second and replied quickly, "Yes."

Hiram knitted his eyebrows even more tightly and said in a low voice, "Stop them with all our resources! Try your best to find the root of the photos. Don't allow them to go out!"

"I got you, Hiram. But think about the pervasive internet! We will try our best to stop them, but what can we do if they post them online before we find them?" Chad asked concernedly.

In this era of internet, all people who were keen to learn something raised their fingers, eagerly.

"Right. Inform all the media and tell them to obstruct all those photos. If anyone of them attempts to post a single photo online, they wi

ious I feel inside!

And you too, Hiram. I am waiting for you to spare a bit of your tender feelings to me, even just a little will be fine. I'm so envious that you give all your warmness to Rachel. I won't hurt her if you can fulfill my desire! I'm not a evil person, and I don't feel like to be bad…

But all of you forced me to be so! I have to be bad and do bad things, or I will die out of a heart break!"

Flora shouted over the phone. She sounded so desperate, because her heart had regained the missing beat when Hiram agreed to have dinner with her. But it was hurted again by Rachel easily. She had proved that she could make Hiram running to her anytime the other day.

And what was more, Rachel stole her best friend after so many years.

How could Flora not despise her? And how would Flora leave her in peace?

Hiram sighed and said slowly, "Please calm down. Please stop when things are under control and you still have the chance to look back."

But Flora didn't listen to him. She continued, "Why should I stop? I'm going to destroy her and that is what I'm planning. I don't bother whether you will marry me or not after you leave her, and all I care is that Rachel will live in darkness, beyond reclamation!"

"Flora!" Hiram shouted in a dejected voice, "Don't you know that, destroying Rachel is destroying me, because we are united."

Flora snorted, but stopped it abruptly, "Hiram, if you don't want me to disclose those photos to the can! As long as you are nice to me, I will do whatever you order me to do!"

Hiram was shivering all over. He contracted his eyes and turned around, finding Rachel walking out of the room and approaching him.

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