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   Chapter 564 Hiram Was Handsome

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"Well, I didn't hear what you had said. So what do you want to me think about..." Rachel replied with a lethargic look. Rachel was very sleepy, so she squinted. It seemed that she was about to doze off.

Seeing this, Hiram gently squeezed her lower abdomen with his hands and whispered, "Are you sure about having this baby, Rachel?"

As soon as Rachel heard that Hiram mentioned this baby, she quickly opened her eyes, looked at him in shock and responded, "Hiram, do you still want me to have an abortion? I want to have this baby, so I won't listen to what you said."

Hiram sighed, slowly closed his deep eyes and then gradually opened them.

"Well, I compromise with you for this baby. Since you are longing for this baby, you could have this baby," Hiram replied genuinely. Hiram wore a forced smile as he spoke.

He thought to himself, 'Oh, I love Rachel very much. Although I don't want to, she so insists on having this baby. In this case, what could I do? I have no option but to compromise with her.'

Rachel looked at Hiram, and doubtfully asked, "Honey, really? Do you really approve to have this baby?"

Hiram wore a helpless smile and pressed her head into his shoulder.

"Otherwise? You are so desperate to have this baby. If I disagree with you, I guess that you will find a place to hide and then secretly give birth to this baby. To avoid this, I might as well agree with you now," Hiram replied pensively.

Leaning on his shoulder, she blinked and thought, 'I had really created such an idea.

If Hiram stressed on not having this baby, I did intend to find a place to hide. After giving birth to this baby, I would have come back home. At that time, he would be forced to accept this baby.

Hiram must have anticipated what I was planning to do, so he conceded to my idea.'

"Why don't you talk? Is it true what I have said earlier?" Hiram asked insistently. He looked down at Rachel who was silent in his arms.

Rachel's black and bright eyes glimmered like stars. She glanced at Hiram and then looked away.

Seeing this, Hiram furrowed his dark eyebrows and pinched the chin of Rachel who was silently embracing himself, thus forcing Rachel to continue gazing at him with her twinkling eyes.

"Tell me. If I disapprove of your idea, would you do in this way?" Hiram asked furiously.

With her bright eyes shining, Rachel smiled with light dimples, making herself look lovely and innocent. She replied hastily, "No, of course not. I have never thought so. I have been staying with you and don't even care about my food and clothing. Why do I leave you?"

"Humph! You would better think so. Once is enough for you to do something stupid like that," Hiram said. Hiram released Rachel's chin as he spoke. He then tightly embraced her with a relief.

Hiram thought to himself, 'Oh. I have to wait so long to make love with her. Such a unlucky guy I am!'

On getting such a reply from Hiram, Rachel re

me food.

However, Hiram knows everything, just like an encyclopedia. If I don't understand something, I would seek answer from him. Even if Hiram is unfamiliar with something, he will give me a generic explanation.'

Finally, they procured lot of things and returned.

After returning home, Rachel, wearing an apron, cleaned and chopped the vegetables in the kitchen.

Hiram was reading books in the dinning room. But he was a little worried about Rachel. He wondered, 'Rachel has not cooked for a long time.' For this reason, he crossed his hands on his chest, stood at the kitchen, and stared at Rachel.

"How is your cooking? Do you need my assistance?" Hiram enquired.

Rachel took time to look back at Hiram and smiled, "Well, you serve as the president of Streams Company. You want to help me in cooking, really?" Rachel added, "Can you cook meals?"

Rachel was slicing the cleaned vegetables into three sections as she spoke. She then put them into a food basket, thus filtering the excess water. She would saute them later.

Hiram shook his head, furrowed his eyebrows and rolled up his shirt sleeves. He then walked to the sink to clean the fish and put it on the chopping board.

Rachel was amazedly seeing what Hiram was doing, so that she forgot doing what she was doing. She observed in shock that Hiram was expert at slicing the fish evenly on both sides. He then ignited the fire and poured the oil and added the ingredients.

When the ingredients produced the nice flavour, Hiram put the fish in the pan, added some water and closed the lid. He then looked at Rachel and said, "Hey, my darling, why do you stare at me with a surprise? Mind your business."

Rachel blinked, looking at the handsome man. The aroma of the fish loaded the kitchen with the smell of oil and smoke. And Hiram took the cooking seriously, thus making him more engaging.

Rachel's eyes were sealed on Hiram, and she reclaimed her composure after a while.

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