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   Chapter 563 The Bad Constitution

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Rachel and Patrick had the worst day of their lives. Taking a deep breath of relief, Rachel regarded the man in front of her. On her mind lingered an emotion she could not put into words.

The next second, she found herself walking forward. Standing on tiptoes, she gave him a reassuring hug.

"Please don't do that Rachel. I got dirt all over me. I'm afraid I would get you dirty as well..." said Patrick pretending to avoid the embrace. Patrick was thrilled and scared at the same time. He thought of pushing her away. But he was so uncertain to do that.

"Patrick, I want you to promise me. Promise me that you're going to live a peaceful life in the future no matter what happens," Rachel whispered with tears in her eyes, "You're the only son of your father. Don't let your family's generation stop on you." "I know that… everything doesn't seem to fall into places for you. But you can't give up. I know you're strong. You have to work for it," continued Rachel. Her voice was full of encouragements for Patrick.

Patrick remained stiff and quiet. Listening to her voice, he felt tiny trinkets of electrical sparks creeping down his veins. His dead heart seemed to be gradually recovering and slowly beginning to beat again.

"I know you could work it out, couldn't you? I believe you can step up and make your life better. Deep inside, I know you are not a bad person. I can see the kindness and gratitude of your heart and I always believe in that." Rachel was eager to let Patrick feel hopeful and positive.

"Don't let your past corrupt you! Don't ever dare to give up! Swim against the tide! Don't drown yourself. I know we have never been intimate, but you are never a loser to me. You are never less of a person you are because of the circumstances of the past. We are just both victims of fate," Rachel emphasized, her voice softly trailing off.

Drying up her tears to look at him on his face, she couldn't help feeling the warmth emanating from the scars. It might not be pleasing to the eye, but the scars preserved the resolute and handsome features of him. "Patrick, we only have one life to live, make use of it, will you?

God destined us to meet this time. And I believe He will once again or even twice or third times in the future.

By then, I'll look forward to meeting the much better version of you. Can you do that?" asked Rachel. She was like a mother pushing her teenage child to look at the brighter side of life.

Patrick was not a cry baby. He had never shed tears, even if he was so badly beaten. Even if his ribs were broken. Even if he needed to gnash his teeth to survive. But now, looking at this woman who was trying so hard to encourage him to survive, he felt a sense of purpose which he had never felt before.

It was so overwhelming that he could not stop his tears from falling.

He knew that her words would become his sole motivation to push through and hold onto for dear life.

And he would prove himself right to her. He was determined.

Rachel gently touched the scar on his face. Then she said with a gentle smile, "At first I saw how ugly the scar was on your face, but now all I see is beauty. A masterpiece carefully crafted to perf

nk it's my time now to be blessed. I have to prepare for a huge blessing coming my way. Right, honey?"

Hiram pinched her face. He frowned and said, "Don't prepare too much. I can't appreciate such blessings if you're not okay. I don't care about the blessings dear. All I'm after is your safety. You know I can't live without you. You are my sunshine."

"Em, I know," replied Rachel touching her nose to his. Lying lightly on his shoulder, Rachel continued, "You know what, honey? After what happened, I realized that freedom is so sweet. We can go wherever we want, do whatever we want, and be with whomever we want to be with.

We're lucky to be not living in a dark and dirty place. We have fresh air to breathe. We have friends, families and even enemies. But most especially, we have each other. I've learned to appreciate the beauty of life after what had happened."

Hiram just kept his silence. He hugged her a little tighter and smoothened her hair with his fingers.

It was already late when the plane landed in H City.

The plane landed on RaR following Hiram's instructions. It would be more private considering that the castle has its exclusive airport.

They were too tired to go home. Rachel and Hiram decided to stay there for the night. She indulged herself in a hot and soothing bath as soon as they were in the room.

After brushing her hair to dry, she joined Hiram on the bed. She rested her head on Hiram's chest. She enjoyed his warmth. He played with her hair like he used to and whispered on her ears, "Don't go anywhere far from now on. Stay by my side. Just be with me."

"Oh, even if I'm with you?" Rachel hugged him back and joked lightly.

"Except with me of course. Don't go out by yourself. I can't really trust your bad constitution," said Hiram. He pulled her up and looked intensely to her eyes.

Rachel nodded, seeing the urgency on Hiram's expression.

Hiram's hand was moving from her head down to her back. His caress was soft and enticing. His fingers were playing on her stomach. Then he asked her in a soft voice, "Honey? What about my request? Have you thought about it?"

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