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   Chapter 561 Be My Man

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Rachel's agonies were heightened by what she was hearing. It was quite a while before the sound and the voices stopped. What they were doing has come to an end. And then there it was, the hoarse and raspy voice, coming from the inside of the room. The voice was so familiar. She knew who it was.

Rachel was standing uncomfortably outside the room, her back pressed against the corner of the four walls. At that moment, her heart was sternly beating. "Him? Was that him? Is it really him?" Rachel questioned herself. She was shaken by the thought.

'What the hell is Marcia planning to do?' Rachel thought with hatred brewing in her heart.

"Why don't you come in? I know you're out there. You have been standing outside for so long. Don't you want to see me?" the voice from inside the room was teasing her. "If you don't want to come in, then you better leave now!" The voice now seemed edgy.

Rachel closed her eyes, pressing herself hard against the wall; she was holding her chest stopping it from shuddering. A blanket of fear and nervousness seemed to envelop her. Since their last meeting, she thought that was the last time. She swore not to see him again.

Why did God let it happen? Was this God's punishment?

They swore not to see each other anymore, why in the twist of fate, Marcia caught her to meet him again?

She must have definitely known! This was her plans all along.

She did this on purpose. She plotted this as the best revenge for her.

She wanted her to meet Patrick - that evil devil monster. She planned to use this encounter as a devastating blow to Patrick.

Rachel knew they were not good friends, they were not even friends. Marcia and Patrick, there was a thick wall of resentment between them. But why she got involved?

If she had known this would happen, she would not come to LH Island.

Indeed, when you have fallen on traps weaved by destiny, it would be inescapable.

"What the fuck! Will you come inside or not?" Patrick shouted stressing on the dirty word. He grew impatient waiting and calling out. He stood up and kicked the door wide open. He was half naked.

With the door ajar, he grasped his breath in astonishment.

The moment he saw the woman pressed against the wall, he was dumbfounded.

Rachel turned her back to him at seeing his bareness.

"Patrick, oh my god, I'm sorry I didn't mean to barge in your affairs. I was just enjoying my vacation and all of a sudden, I have no idea why Marcia abducted me..."

Even before Rachel could finish her words, Patrick shut the door forcibly.

After he got back in the room, he stared at the clothes scattered over the floor and the couch. He tr

Tell me, what do you want?" Patrick clenched his own fists and asked. His gaze fixed on Rachel and Marcia's hands. As long as he had Rachel within reach, he would never allow anyone to hurt her.

Hearing that, Marcia released Rachel and put the knife back into the scabbard. She then walked towards Patrick.

"Are you so worried of her? I can't believe that such a man, fearless of death and nothing, would care so much for a woman who is also the wife of someone else."

Just an inch away from him, Marcia caressed her hand on the scars of his burned cheek. Both love and hate emanated from her eyes.

"Bull shit! If she were not someone else's wife, I would have kidnapped her a long time ago so that I could have her to wife. Stop saying nonsense. What do you want from me? Spit it out! For this to be over" Patrick said impatiently, pushing her away to stop her from making fun of his feebleness.

Marcia pulled his clothes reluctantly and said in a low and desperate voice, "Patrick, I will let her go. I'll let her go in one condition... I want you!

I want you to be my man!"

Hearing that, Patrick was stunned. His eyebrows shuddered. Pushing her away, he said, "What? Are you crazy? Don't be so irrational! I have killed your father. How could you still want me to..."

"Yes, I know that. You did that. And so? What's the matter? I don't care. I demand the payment. I want you to pay me for my father's life with you and the rest of your life,"

Marcia suddenly yelled to stop him from talking.

"I will give you time to think it over. As to Rachel, I would hold her captive until you give me your answer,"

Marcia said and motioned her men to take Rachel outside.


Patrick suddenly shouted and walked towards Rachel with long strides.

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