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   Chapter 560 A Mysterious Gift

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Recalling the last incident, Rachel had never imagined the possibility that she would ever be kidnapped again.

'Even the luckiest person in the world wouldn't be able to win the lottery twice, ' thought Rachel.

It was dim in the cabin, with a sudden jolt every few minutes.

Even though she was unaware of who had kidnapped her, Rachel had realized that she was being transported on a ship.

She somehow felt more relaxed about this kidnapping, in comparison to the last one. Rachel didn't feel any discomfort once she woke up, except for a headache, which was caused by a hit against the cold hard deck.

"Hello? Is somebody here? Please, answer me..." asked Rachel as she desperately banged on the locked door. She wondered whether someone was standing guard outside of the room she was in.

'There must be someone out there, ' Rachel thought to herself.

As she expected, a woman quickly unlocked the door and entered the room.

Due to the poor light, Rachel wasn't able to recognize the woman standing in front of her. However, the woman's gestures and noticeably colorful hair looked familiar to Rachel. Although she wasn't able to see her face, she already knew who she was.

"Miss Mo? It's you... Why on earth did you bring me here?"

Rachel had seen Marcia enter S Gate last night. Thus she wasn't so surprised by Marcia's presence.

"Well? It looks like Mrs. Rong wasn't surprised by me one bit. Aren't you just curious about the reason for me being in LH Island?" Marcia sat on the chair which a bodyguard moved for her, smoking in a relaxed manner.

Smelling the smoke, Rachel started to cough as she wasn't used to such intense tobacco. She stepped back and said,"So, do you want me to guess the reason?"

Marcia nodded her head with a smile, looking like she expected an answer from Rachel.

"I believe that the thing you must regret the most, is the blast that occurred a few months ago," said Rachel as she moved over to the window. She took a deep breath of fresh air, in her attempt of trying to avoid the smoke that was already filling the room. She knew that the explosion did far more damage than she had thought, not only destroying Patrick, but also the woman sitting in front of her, Marcia.

The principle of Patrick was 'an eye for an eye or a tooth for a tooth'. If it weren't for Rachel, Patrick would still be bothering Hiram now.

However, Marcia was no exception. He must still want to take his revenge.

'By the looks of her, it didn't seem like Marcia was living well these days, ' thought Rachel.

Upon hearing this, Marcia's smile had faded. She sneered and replied suddenly,"You are an extremely intelligent woman, Rachel. However, you can't blame me for this kidnapping since you're the one who enraged me in the first place."

Rachel coughed as the smoke met her face once again. She

o keep her cool and remained at ease as walking through the yard, trying to ignore the covetous stares coming, especially from the men around her.

"Where does she come from? She's so hot!"

said one of the men, wiping away the drool from his chin.

"She's walking toward the room inside the building, so she must be here for Patrick. There is no chance that she would be here for any one of us."

"Patrick treats women like he does his clothes, and he changes clothes every day. Perhaps he will give this woman to us after several days of usage! Ha-ha."

"Ha-ha. You are absolutely right! I mean, look at her skin. It is as white as milk. She has already raised my desire."

Upon hearing their inappropriate and bestial words, Rachel clenched her fist to calm down.

There was a crossroad in front of her, which confused Rachel. She felt lost and didn't know where to go.

"Hey! Baby! Turn left and go straight!" said one of them and whistled at her.

Rachel didn't dare to look back at the men. They appeared to be completely relentless towards her. She just turned left and kept walking straight.

'This place is worthy of being called Living Hell, ' thought Rachel, as she tried to calm herself down. She walked towards the room at the end of the road with fear in her heart.

As Rachel got closer to the door, she heard some sounds coming from the room. The sounds became clearer as she got closer.

After hearing clearly, Rachel blushed with awkwardness.

'Well, they are doing something in there...' as Rachel was forced to listen, she thought to herself that it definitely wasn't a good time to knock on the door. She then decided to wait outside after taking a deep breath.

She waited so long that she was unable to feel her feet after a while. However, the people inside hadn't stopped yet. Rachel was shocked by the amount of stamina they had.

"Who is outside?"

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